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Jul 26, 2018
Nov 17, 2008
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PetForums Senior, from Yorkshire

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Jul 26, 2018
    1. tinamary
      How are you and the girlies doing.
      Hows are your mums beautiful dogs
    2. leashedForLife
      its a pity the OP did not agree, :D ah, well, leading horses to water... ;)
    3. leashedForLife
      thanks very kindly for the rep, hun! :)
      glad U liked it.
    4. tinamary
      Really Glad everything is going well with Coco. She seems a bit of a charactor.
      The name of the rescue is Animals in Distress. Silver Street, Irlam. Your mum should go down and see what they are like, its unbelievable how they do what they do in such a small place.
      When i went to rescue my old dog kelly they were smashing. As far as i know they don't put dogs to sleep to make room for others that will earn them money but i could be wrong. you see a guy walking the streets with about 8-9 dogs of all sizes and they all walk perfectly.
    5. tinamary
      How is Coco settling in. Hope its gone ok.
    6. tinamary
      Great piccys
      They all look so healthy and happy now. I am so pleased you took them. You will have to sell some of the eggs and get some of your money back for the feed.
      Hope you have a good christmas and new year.
      I am looking forward to breaking up from work now and having a rest. Not the same for you i suppose as its gets busy for you around christmas.
    7. tinamary
      I am sorry to hear you have had all that horrible stuff to deal with. I hope you have a better time soon, i will be thinking of you.x
      Glad to know that they are all fine. Im sure that the chooks are 100 times better off than where they were before. Except for sage of course, she was well looked after. I miss her but do not miss all the mud on the kitchen floor and poo on the path when you come in at night and stand in it. lol
      I do miss her though it seems very quiet in the garden now. Im sure that it won't last long though. Someone will try to get me to rescue another one soon and i am such a soft touch for a sob story that i will take it.
      I think i might get some rabbits or guineas in her home soon so i have to say no. lol
      Take care and best wishes
    8. tinamary
      I spend alot of time on the majong game. I can only get to level 4 and its driving me mad.
      I would love to see some piccys, that would be great but im sure in my own mind that they are being totally looked after and will have a great life. My garden does not seem the same and i can leave the back door open now without a feathered visitor trying to watch tv and eat all the dog food.
      I don't half miss her though, funny how you get attached to them. I can put all the soil back in the borders now and it will stay there.
    9. tinamary
      Ha Ha its good fun isn't it.
    10. tinamary
      Thought i would see if you wanted a friend. lol
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