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May 10, 2021
Sep 26, 2008
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May 10, 2021
    1. Meezey
      Thank you for the rep.. DDA is scary stuff, don't get why others aren't more up in arms about it, but guess they just think it doesn't apply to their breed :(
    2. ouesi
      Thank you for the rep. Surprised more people aren't posting on that thread... I'd think dog lovers throughout the UK would be all for repealing the DDA.
    3. redginald
      Do you have any problems with yours and other dogs?, we have always walked him in high dog traffic areas but have only been to one class and were told they dont focus on socialisation or recall which are our 2 main problems, and havent been back.
    4. redginald
      Hi, Did you ever do socialisation classes with yours?? Cooper doesn't seem especially interested in other dogs especially big dogs, but if they get in his face he will snap 9 times out of 10
    5. Dogless
      Thanks; thought I would have my facts muddled...usually do!!
    6. Dogless
      Hi, I might be wrong, but is it you that has put contacts for molosser rescues up before? There is a presa FTGH on our local preloved, was wondering whether it might be worth my while contacting them if you have any details? One snag is that the dog is in NI.
    7. redginald
      Hi, hope you dont mind the message, you may remember me asking you some advice on DDB on another thread. Anyway we've recently made enquires into a ddb pup, i asked some of the questions you advised, we've been told the mother has been hip scored c? ive tried googling this but cant make sense of it, wondered if the "c" score meant anything to you, any help would be appreciated, thanks
    8. cburnett565
      I love the picture of your dog!!!!! What type of mastiff he/she
    9. DoubleTrouble
      Channel 4 undercover boss!!! Blue Cross - on now!!
    10. tanky
      hi there, i was just looking for some advice, we have a 12 week old ddb puppy and feed him on james wellbeloved large / giant puppy 120g 4 times a day but we dont want him to have too much protein as he is growing up. I just wondered what you fed your dogs at pups and if this sounds ok? thanks
    11. Snoringbear
      In DDB the black mask is a recessive gene so you need at least one black mask parent to get them. I have a brown mask girl from a line of black mask males, her dam was brown mask too. If I was you, I would DNA test your boy, girl and a pup to prove parentage.
    12. felicitycp
      Hi, yes that is my thought too. I never saw the deed, so not sure weather it was my boy now. I am having a proof of parentage test done. I was looking on line and have noticed most if not all Bull x DDB have black masks which mine dont have. They have some white toes and blazes, some are a lighter than Mum but Boris is a lighter Bordeaux. God I am stupid!!!
    13. hawksport
      I pmd a mod about jason2 before a member that actually contributed something got banned over him, 10 mins later he was gone
    14. felicitycp
      Hello, I have managed to post some pic's I would love to know what you think of them.
    15. flufffluff39
      I'd love to see my 14 week old standing next to a 14 week old ddb :) That would be something else :) Lovely dog by the way.
    16. Snoringbear
      They can be a bit noisy but they aren't that slobbery.
    17. Luvdogs
      Gorgeous profile pic :) what are they like to live with if you don't mind me asking? x
    18. Snoringbear
      Thanks, that's the right spelling. It was a bit of a lucky shot tbh :)
    19. runningdeer
      Love your pic of the Bordeaux. Have I spelled that right? How ya doing?
    20. Snoringbear

      Yes, that is my youngest, Alice. There are some more of them on an older thread here:

      posts 63 and 64

      Let's see your dogs in the snow!

      I'll have to take some new ones, shes only about 14 weeks old in the picture

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