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Jan 27, 2015
Jan 19, 2010
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Radford Coventry. West Midlands
Dog Groomer

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PetForums VIP, from Radford Coventry. West Midlands

snoopydo was last seen:
Jan 27, 2015
    1. JohnMorris
      Hi hgun haven't heard from you lately, just checking you are okay!
    2. MissShelley
      Thanks for the rep hon x
    3. snoopydo
      ok thanksjust Chilling after work Going to bed in a min Last Dog I did tonight was a St.Bernard....Gorgeous Boy But WOW Bloody hard to Do Live in the Country He had 5 YES 5 Showers to get rid of The Mud Caked on him and the mats and knots were amazing Took nearly 3 hours...All Good Fun :)
    4. davidc
      Just thought I'd say hello.

      Noticed your reply to an earlier visitor message, yeah I'm OK thanks. lol
      How are you?
    5. snoopydo
      Oh Wow......SOME OF THE POSTS I'm Satans Daughter according to lizI'm not Gods Daughter as I don't believe in him lol lol lol I replied that ozzy osborne is my Bro....... It's all a load of Tosh..... I i.e mean Adam and Eve only 2 people alive had to start the population they had kids their kids had kids etc etc etc Doe's The Bible allow Incest........God Kicked the Devil out of Heaven In 1914 lol Thats When The Earthquakes, Crime, Murders began lol So no one got murders/Earthquakes BEFORE 1914 I'm having a right old Giggle....
    6. metame
      lol, thanks for the rep :p

      can yo utell i havent read the whole thread? have no intention to either... i dread to think what it shall all boil down to in the end...
    7. snoopydo
      Oh, yes
      Yes it's ok I saw it on the thread..Sorry It just looked strange how it was wrote.....
    8. piggybaker
      sorry i didn't get back to you on the fox post I signed off after that post,, he has the horse forelegs to learn how the horses bones in the leg work,, I think alot of students do it..
    9. snoopydo
      oh Yes I did thank you...I'm ok thank you are you?
    10. davidc
      Good morning, hope you are OK.
      Did you manage to sort out the rep thing?
    11. snoopydo
      nouska Forgot to add if your Vet Treats Injured Foxes It would be interesting to ask them what their opinion is of this story next time you go.....Please let me know their answer if you do x x x
    12. snoopydo
      I can't get my head around this...How can a vet be like this...How can he treat /save them one day and kill others the next? people like us love Animals unconditionally I work with Dogs everyday as a Groomer and my compassion/love is their for everyone of them ( Even the bugga's that bite me) :) There should be no Half measures you either love them or you don't Simple. And I believe that if you work with them you need to love them as the patience you need with some of them is unreal ..
    13. noushka05
      thanks for the rep:) sadly some vets dont practice for the love of animals! and that thread has really made me appreciate my vets even more, they treat injured foxes all the time:) xx
    14. snoopydo
      Just gone onto the Link I Thought it was a link to buy the Book...Is that theWholeStory written on there..Wow..I'll read itall later x
    15. snoopydo
      ThanxHobbs I Will Read the book Thanx...I do alot of Reading anyway..I think sometimes books are better..Cheers for the link :) x
    16. hobbs2004
      I only watched it from the corner of my eye so am not going to be of any help. Though the ending was almost as obscure as Space Odyssey 2001. Perhaps read the short story by MR James. No longer in copyright so here it is: 'Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad' by M R James :)
    17. danielled
      I may be going ofline earlier at ngiht for a bit while this work is being done.
    18. snoopydo
      ok Thanx waiting to go back to work on wednesday getting Bored at home now.
    19. danielled
      Hows you today.
    20. danielled
      I'm ok ish thanks oh yes I know those little job we never get round to doing lol usually because we can be found on pf lol.
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    Radford Coventry. West Midlands
    Dog Groomer


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