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Jan 27, 2015
Jan 19, 2010
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Radford Coventry. West Midlands
Dog Groomer

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PetForums VIP, from Radford Coventry. West Midlands

snoopydo was last seen:
Jan 27, 2015
    1. Gemjackson
      Hi I hope you don't mind me messaging you, I read a post from you on a thread from a while ago from someone that was commenting about becoming a dog groomer! As per your reply about being a groomer yourself I was hoping you could point me in the right direction?
      I have recently been made redundant from my employer and received redundancy money, I am looking at it as an opportunity to do something fulfilling with my life and have been thinking if training as a dog groomer, amongst other doggy related training. As in the previous post I live in Northampton and have looked at moulton college for training. I was wondering how you trained and if you have any advice as you have been doing it for so long!
      Kindest regards
    2. fire-siamesekitty
      Merry Christmas
    3. alan g a
      alan g a
      I didn't want soil it for everyone else, but if you look carefully, the message says .
    4. snoopydo
      ha ha paracetemol ??????? Valium more like lol and lots of Wine and Chocci lol
    5. Pupcakes
      LTOU! Sounds like a great club! Do we get free paracetemol for our headaches and lots of chocolate to calm us down when we join? :lol: xxxx
    6. snoopydo
      duchess in a grand old manor house lol What are you on lol It's real Good that you accepted me Thank you.
    7. Paganman
      Dunno if it's just me but your avatar looks like a duchess in a grand old manor house?
      Very honoured to accept your friend request ma'am.
    8. snoopydo
      Hi Gemma sorry love was'nt on last nght x
    9. gemma88
      hiii mum xxx
    10. danielled
      How are you today.
    11. snoopydo
      oh it's ok, it was weird actually as I saw your thread this morning and during the day You kept popping into my thoughts and I was thinking I wonder if he's come back or got in touch really pleased he's ok but it's like I said on the forum thats kids/teenagers for you. I know i've had it myself you worry yourself silly and they are ok having a good time with their mate and when you say just call me to let me know they say you are nagging lol. NO It's NOT nagging it's being a parent x Julie x
    12. xxwelshcrazyxx
      thanks for asking about Adam xxxxx
    13. danielled
      I've been visiting for years.
    14. snoopydo
      wow thats fantastic I believe people are so previledged to see a spirit once in their lifetime here.... You have it all working there so lucky x x
    15. danielled
      I've felt cold drauths and heard things even seen things. In the entrance all there are stairs and I had my back to them. Nobody on the stairs and I saw a man stood behind me for a second looked again he'd gone. Not just me who has seen him, he likes standing behind people then vanishing. Also in the great chamber upstairs I saw the White lady. She was on the stairs then went to my left her right and through the wall. Now that exact bit of wall she went through was where a door once was. The White lady is my friend Margaret Radclyffe.
    16. snoopydo
      I know what you mean BUT ..... When I got Sasha 2 months ago If I was working from morning till evening I would never have considered it No matter how much I loved her.....But if I put a thread up on here saying for example ''Hello I work all hours Day or Night My house is empty for 9 hrs everyday AND I' getting a New pup WHAT sort of comments would I expect to get?????? x x x x
    17. cheekyscrip
      I do understand your anger... I do..but it is better to advice than tell the obvious...maybe it is their way of looking for a home for the dog?...it is the pup that counts!!!!...hi, snoopy..have a lovely day...best wishes...Alex
    18. snoopydo
      Hi Vicki, Wow she's doing so well congratulations....Bet you are so proud :) I've Just voted for again x x x Good Luck in the next round..let me know how she goe's on.

      Julie x x x x
    19. babycham2002
      Hi :) Thank you very much for voting for Willow in round one of Mikki Britains next dog model, she has now mad it to the final 10 and round 2 of voting so if you could please vote for her again we would be ever so grateful
      Thank you again
      Vicki and Willow
      NEW Britains Next Dog Model 2011 on Facebook | Facebook
    20. snoopydo
      Are things still bad then So sorry :)
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    Radford Coventry. West Midlands
    Dog Groomer


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