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Jan 5, 2010
Mar 13, 2009
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Dog slave

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PetForums Member, from Hampshire

Small~Fluffy was last seen:
Jan 5, 2010
    1. Devil-Dogz
      Hello Fluff, are you still around? would be nice to hear from you! xxx
    2. Sylvestris Kennels
      Sylvestris Kennels
      Thanks for my rep:)
    3. DevilDogz
      aww wow hope u get there we are there on the 13th with our new pup star! would be good to meet up if your there :D
      hehe she said u sent love..hehe xxxx
    4. DevilDogz
      Thank you...an its wonderful to still have u posting! :D:D will you be at LKA was what i was going to ask you :D
    5. DevilDogz
      I saw it! please dont go..your better than that! and i need to keep up to date with your pup! i for one will miss you and all them brilliant posts you do with your great information! :(
      Please stay in touch and take care xxxxx
    6. DevilDogz
      aww its sooo nice to hear from you! :) Im glad life is looking better i have missed you :o
      your girl sounds a little darling bless her and i know she will do your proud in the years you have together :D
      NO problem about the delay! take care xxxxxxxxxxxx
    7. DevilDogz
      Hope all is well with you..havent seen you much! :( Hope everything is going well with you know..xxx
    8. DevilDogz
      Hello just thought i would drop by and see how you are doing ? Hope all is well xxx
    9. DevilDogz
      I can tell she means the world too you :o
    10. DevilDogz
      WOW shes a cracker what a stunner! She will do well i think!! what a right little darling
      You can take down now as i have seen hehe
    11. DevilDogz
      Aw..Thank you Fluffy!
      Yes do send some pictures of her :o I would like to see how she is getting on!
      hehe bunny girl i like it!
      Thank you i will keep spreading it as long as i can :D
    12. DevilDogz
      I just saw my rep too thank you :o lovely comment
    13. DevilDogz
      Aw..Hope everything is well :(..
      Glad your little girl is coming along nicely and im sure she will get the hang of the lead soon :D
      I try and give good advice 9 times out of 10 get shouted down for it but hey life goes on!Theres more important things in life to worry about as you well know!
      Take care
    14. DevilDogz
      Heya fluffy just dropping by to see how you are doing! Hope all is well and hopefully i will hear from you soon!!
    15. foxxy cleopatra
      foxxy cleopatra
      hahahaha thanks for the rep! made me giggle! hahahaa
    16. cav
      Yes things are so much more better and mum is over the worst i think vet will check her again this week.
      they are mainly feeding on there own so things are so much easier.
      im going realy miss them when they go but they all are going to lovely show/pet homes so that is the main thing.
      I hope your little cuties are all ok and you as well lol.
      It was nice of you leave me a little message checking all was ok it made me smile...thank you!
      speak soon matey xx
    17. DevilDogz
      amazing isnt it
      I will do :) thanks kerry xx
    18. DevilDogz
      Oh cool they look really good :)
      The pups are all good thanks :) all got eyes open and doing really well thanks for asking xx
    19. DevilDogz
      Added you as a friend but i thought we were already :yikes:
      I love your profile picture how did you do it?
      Take care kerry xx
    20. cav
      Yes i carnt believe my luck i realy carnt
      no she carnt go near because the little monkeys try to feed so im cleaning poop.
      ive hand reared before but it is hard work im going miss them when they go this is the first litter that i wont get keep one aaaw.

      Haha so you are starting her early with the scissors, my auntie use to own poms they are lovely sweet dogs,yes it is so nicer when you breed your own pups and im glad all is well.
      mine are doing great with weaning since they come of mum so that is one good thing.
      sorry about my spelling mistakes but im so tired this morning.
      take care karen xx
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    Dog slave
    Love dogs, show dogs, have 4 at present ranging in age from 1 to 4 :)


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