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Jul 16, 2013
Jan 13, 2012
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Jul 16, 2013
    1. Ingrid25
      aww thats good that there going to a home together:)
      I dont know how you do it because I could never let the kittens go if I bred!
      I wonder where they go to the toilet then? Soon you might find out i guess!:eek:
      How old are they now?
    2. Ingrid25
      Thats good! Im sure the other kits will catch on soon though!
      :) how r u going?
    3. Ingrid25
      Lily will soon teach them and there will be kitty litter all over the house!
    4. Ingrid25
      how r u and Lily and the kits going?
    5. Ingrid25
      it seems like only the other day when you were telling me about Lily's pregnancy!:eek:
      were all good thanks, me and Leo slept in today:)
    6. Ingrid25
      oh no thats sooo sad:(
      but its great to hear that Lily is doing well:D
      how old r the kits now?
    7. Ingrid25
      hi sloan i heread about the kittens and i saw the pictures on your thread, they are very very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Its sad to hear that u had to give Kiki to your sister, but at least you can still see him alot that way:)
      how are you and Lily going?
    8. Puindoors
      yep we have 7 babies ( huge litter for birman), all rather small though. Congrats on your delivery, sorry about the one that didn't make it, but it isn't uncommon.
    9. SloanMahria
      His name is kiki. I gave him to my little sister because ever since lily got pregnant he has been acting up. I still see him every day though. He is a lot happier now
    10. Ingrid25
      how are you? what is your boy's name again? i have a forgetful memory:o
      im off for a week so i will talk soon:)
    11. Ingrid25
      Leo is great thanks, just as cheeky as ever though!!!!:D
      The piggies Kayite and Pistachio are all good- pistachio has fully recovered from her wound:)
      make sure you send me piccies of the litter when they arrive and give lily a big congratulations thanks from me:)
    12. dagny0823
      You're quite welcome :) And I think you'd get a harder time from a US forum. I joined because they were far nicer and much better informed than anything else I read--we found a stray cat who was possibly pregnant and I needed advice fast. These folks were amazingly supportive and I love chatting with them now.

      And while I usually tend to think the US is far less advanced than Europe in many ways, that one comment about us being mad for walking our cats just annoyed the crap out of me too. It seemed like it was directed, but in a passive-aggressive way.
    13. Ingrid25
      oh thats fine!!!!!!!!! how r the cats? has lily had the kittens yet?
    14. Ingrid25
      im great thanks:)
    15. Ingrid25
      hi sloan how are you and your cats?
      i didnt see any of the nasty comments from the person who sent it to you but i dont know why they would of done it:(
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