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Jan 26, 2013
Jul 3, 2012
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Jan 26, 2013
    1. MoggyBaby
      Thank you very much for the rep - you are very, very kind. :D
    2. RabbitMonster
      Thanks for the rep! :D
    3. emmaviolet
      Thanks for the rep! x
    4. DT
      I;m not following ya honest! It just must have taken me a lot longer to write on that last thread then it did you:D
    5. Luz
      Thank you so much! x
    6. DobermannZoe
      Awww lovely, Hmm how old is he again? Might be going through a fear imprint stage? (they have these sometimes whilst growing up) I did see you wrote something about him being scared of a bag?? You should have a go at 'touch it' my boy used to fear the ironing board... Just because of the sound, So i held it out too him, *touch it* treat. then they gain confidence....
      Zeus is fine, Im sure hes having another maturing moment lol hes very calm lately... but i wont moan ;) ha ha
    7. DobermannZoe
      Hello! Long time no speak! How are you and Hugo getting on? :)
    8. Hayley337
      thank you for all your comments and support today, yours is one of the opinions i have valued the most as i think you understand more than others, people like you are the reason i came on a site like this for advice in the first place :) x
    9. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      They can be hard work, but very rewarding too, but then they are all ive ever had for the past 20 years so dont really think anything of it I suppose.
    10. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thats Kobi thats what he does mostly apart from eats and goes out for his walks LOL
      Thank you for the comment.
    11. Yourgifts Ourgifts
      Yourgifts Ourgifts
      Love the pics in your album..
    12. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thank you for the rep x
    13. Gertrude
      Thanks for the 'Rep' :) xxx
    14. Luz
      Thanks for the rep!
    15. CaliDog
      Thanks for the rep :) :)
    16. Reverie
      Many thanks! I left you some too. :D x
    17. DobermannZoe
      I know thats why mine was broken up aswell lol! have a look in your settings to turn on your 'recieve private messages' makes it alot easier, Good Luck you will get there and message me soon lettin me know! :) x
    18. DobermannZoe
      Dog training tip: connecting with your dog. - YouTube

      How to MOTIVATE your dog to listen!!! - YouTube

      How To Clicker Train "Heel" Position (Dog Training) - YouTube

      Dog Training Tutorial - DISTRACTIONS (Part 1) - YouTube

      Dog Training Tutorial: Building Eye Contact & Attention! - YouTube

      This guys brill, he explains very clearly and you can watch the dog learn. :) Enjoy
    19. DobermannZoe
      Is there any other questions you have?
      I will send you some videos in a moment from Youtube that I used for training exercises, the guys brilliant and Zeus has lots of fun trying to do these :)
    20. DobermannZoe
      Before being let out for potty again ''Sit Wait'' Eye contact ''Ok.''

      I would let him have one or 2 toys out all the time but take the rest up and keep them in the cupboard. You keep all the best toys and you initiate the game not him.
      Dont throw a ball and then walk in the house and let him have it, take it away and let him know ''Games over'' and put it away.
      If he does want to play and trys to initiate the game, ignore and wait 5 minutes then go and play.
      If hes excitable leaving the house for a walk, Wait till hes calm, then leave. If hes bouncing off the walls put the lead away and go and sit down and wait till hes calm (you can practise this several times a day to get over the excitement we're going out).
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    I have had dogs and horses all my life, and a pygmy goat!
    I grew up with a black lab, 2 collies and a golden retriever.
    My first dog i got as a teenager that was my own dog was a red setter, who was lovely.
    Then i got 2 chihuahua's that stayed with with my mum, i now own a dobbi x rotti
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