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Apr 21, 2012
Sep 15, 2009
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PetForums Senior, from collieheaven

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Apr 21, 2012
    1. lauz_1982
      I meant to say before (sorry thought I had!) that I had a look at the pics of Maisie and she's getting big. What a pretty girl she is! :) Thanks for letting me know you had put them on.
    2. lauz_1982

      How are you doing? How did Maisie's season go? Hope all is well.

      Laura :)
    3. lauz_1982
      Hi Stacey, I'm good thanks. How are you and Maisie doing?

      Mac's doing great thanks. He's lost most of his baby teeth - including the canines now - they were driving him crazy and he just couldn't chew the rawhides quick enough! Mac was born on the 24th September so he's 6 months today. Where did you get Maisie from and how old is she? Mac's from a breeder near Dumfries.

      He's a crazy boy who never sits still. We take him to puppy classes and although he learns quicker than the others are he's easily one of the more hyper ones but that's just the breed I guess! lol! He loves to play and loves his cuddles although he's really heavy now and I struggle with him on my knee too long! He's getting very big and if he's anything like his Dad he's going to be a very big boy. I have seen a dog from a previous litter that lives around here and has almost identical markings to Mac and is deffinately the size of the Dad.

      ...... to be continued ......
    4. lauz_1982
      ...... continued ......

      We're going to do flyball with Mac (when he's over a year of course) and perhaps advanced obedience. Do you have any future plans for Maisie? We're lucky to have a very good dog school round here. Where is it you are again?

      I had a look at your pics of Maisie that you posted in the forum. She's getting big too. Looks like a lovely girly girl too!

      Laura :)
    5. PoisonGirl
      yeah, i need to get dave walking on the lead right! lol but think it would be nice to do i cant imagine many round here do it its so quiet
    6. PoisonGirl
      hey, we havent picked a name yet :) my cusins collie went home after being here only 4 days as she came into heat and it was causing fights :( but she is a reformed dog! no more messing when left lol x
    7. sketch
      Hi Hun
      Were good thank you, Libby is 7 months old now and fighting fit, she is getting much better with regards to her nerves now, although its taking time, she is making improvements which is all i can ask for.
      Bless maisie, she is tiny isnt she, libby isnt very big, but bigger than maisie so i cant imagine how little she is, but lovely things come in small packages, cant wait to see more piccies of her, see how she is doing
    8. GSDlover4ever
      hey Stacey - i found this site for you! :)

      A - Z Clubs
    9. slbrown2108
      Hey Maisie is doing fantastic. Its such a great feeling when you initially take them out the front of the house they kinda think wow im out lol. Maisie wasnt sure what to make of that first trip but now she loves it alot. She loves to run free in the local field and also goes mad for her tennis ball. How did mac find the snow. Where did u get him from. How do u find training him Maisie took to it pretty well think its down to the collie intelligence lol. Sorry for all the questions

      Stacey xx
    10. lauz_1982
      Happy New Year to you too! Of course I don't mind you messaging me! My pup's name is Mac and he's 3 and a half months. He's a bundle of energy and drives us crazy but we love him to bits! He had his 2nd vaccine yesterday so only 6 days until we can walk him and get him out and about and stimulated a bit more as I think he's just desperate to go out and about! How are you getting on with Maisie?
    11. lauz_1982
      Thanks Sharon! Maisie looks gorgeous! How are you getting on with her? Mac has had tummy issues but think we're finally getting somewhere with it. He's a cheeky wee monkey!
    12. sketch
      aw wicked, cant wait chick
    13. sketch
      more piccies of her please lol, she is such a wee sweetie isnt she bless her
      I love collie wobbles and GSD's, but love all dogs
    14. sketch
      Aw bless her, you have done well with her hunny, she can only get better from now, Pups do go through a scruffy satge when there coats are changing, Libby has a curlly back but her legs and side are still puppy fluff haha.
      Libby isnt a big pupster. she is only 13kg now and very leggy
    15. sketch
      Aw bless Maisey , what was wrong with the little mite.
      Im in shropshire hun
    16. slbrown2108
      tell me about it poor puppy. Im able to move back to mums but unfortunately she doesnt want to have two dogs in the house seeing she already has my other dog. So for the time being im leaving the dog with OH. Hope he will look after her.
    17. tafwoc
      It's really tough when your at college, i wish i was closer so that i could help. I hope that your mum will let you and the pup move in.
    18. tafwoc
      Oh, sorry i'm no help i live in cheshire. :(
      Has your oh talked to his mother for you? She looks like such a lovely pup. I'm sorry i havn't been anymore help.
    19. babycham2002
      Thanks for your advice about the mice. I will get some chocolate tommorrow. I live right next to a woods so I suppose that where its come from!
    20. katie200
      such a cute pup thanks for your help ill keep trying but she wont buge but thanks
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    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] Little Maisie about 7 months old
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