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Dec 7, 2019 at 8:37 PM
Dec 28, 2013
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mostly harmless
writer of a really bad bizarro stories

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Owned by the Overlords, Female, from mostly harmless

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Viewing category, Dec 7, 2019 at 8:37 PM
    1. mudgekin
      Thank you so much for being kind to our mum
      Love from Skye and Isla

      Smooooochies xxx
    2. Ceiling Kitty
      Ceiling Kitty
      Well, Logic Gel / Orozyme is not a direct substitue for Evora Pet but it's considered pretty good stuff. If you're happy having that smeared on your teeth then that's the next best thing to having them brushed daily.
    3. Ceiling Kitty
      Ceiling Kitty
      Hi Potter! I've heard of Evora Pet for teeth, but I've never used it so I can't really say for sure how well in works. It's surely worth a try if you think you'll like taking it. xxx
    4. mudgekin
      Vets are scary Potter, next time I go I will think of you and be brave. Isla is becoming more outgoing now, she talks a lot and that is new. She tries to steal my treats but I just hiss a tiny bit and she stops. I let her share my toys and my food though. My mum says I'm the naughtiest haha.

      Furry smooooches from Skye
    5. mudgekin
      Smmoooooooooochies. I'm so happy that you are better, I was so worried :( My mum wasn't feeling good this week. That's why she wasn't posting many messages. She was feeling unwell but September is bad for her. That's when her mum died and my big sister Mudgekin got sick.
      Vets are horrible, I went a couple of months ago and I cried all the way there. Your mum was really worried because you were ill. Lots of hoomans were sending loves to you. You are such a popular furrkin
      Furry soft kisses from your girlfriend Skye.
    6. ForeverHome
      Thank you for the rep :)
    7. keafon
      how are you doing
    8. Panele
      oh thank you for your message,thank you dear,i was offline all the time
    9. cheekyscrip
      Wesolego zajaca I mokrego smigusa dyngusa...
    10. Panele
      ok,cool :))) sorry for a late visitor message
    11. Panele
      :eek: hey,i`m fine,not too bad,how are you? how is your kitty? cat :D ;)
    12. Panele
      ok,he is fun :)))))
    13. Panele
      ok,thank you,by the way,how is your cat doing? what is he up to now? :) lol
    14. Panele
      hello,i wanted to ask you,would it be ok to send you a private message?
    15. Panele
      thats really cool lol
    16. Panele
      no way :O the opposite way around lol
    17. Panele
      ok,thats great,i`m so happy for you,he is lucky to have you as the owner :) you are so cool,i`m serious :) ;)
    18. Panele
      hello,thank you for accepting my friend request :) i love your cat,he is beautiful :)
    19. Panele
      ok,i see,thats bad,i`m fine,thank you for asking :) i`m sorry for writing on your Visitor message board :(
    20. Panele
      hello,i`m sorry for writing on your profile wall,i wanted to know,how are you?
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    mostly harmless
    writer of a really bad bizarro stories
    Potter - that's the name of my cat, my world, my everything...
    He is the love of my life.
    And now I have a little daughter, Mystique.
    I spend my days preparing their meals, playing with them, making their toys and writing strange stories of bizarro genre (about talking cats, evil space squirrels, demonic vegetables, drunk vampires, white mice from Delirium, terrible Black Riding Hood- servant of the Great Old One called The Grandmother...)

    My cats, my cats, my cats, science-fiction, horror...


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