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Feb 17, 2014
Feb 12, 2012
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PetForums Member, from Guernsey, Channel Islands

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Feb 17, 2014
    1. SixStar
      Hi Skoust - I give my big lads (50 kg BMD, 70 kg Neo & 80 kg Newfie) one clove of garlic every day, crushed and given in food. It's not a precise exact measurement, but does the job - we live rurally and they've never had fleas! I do also spritz them with tea tree oil before walks in summer though, and they have ACV too.

      The ACV I buy is this one - Raw Apple Cider Vinegar | Natural Cider Vinegar with Mother

      Hope this helps :)
    2. MrsGiggles
      Yes I know the breeder,been in touch and on the waiting list,she shows her Newfies a lot and won tons of awards and also won at crufts,at the moment she has 17 (I think) Newfies :eek: lol she has just mated one of her bitches,so fingers crossed she is pregnant and again fingers crossed she will have more than 3 puppies as iam the 4th on the list lol and all goes well,come end of July,I will have a baby bear,which I can not wait,so excited about
    3. GoldenShadow
      Heya, can you let me know when you've posted your SS present? Saturday is deadline day ;) x
    4. Sarah1230
      Hello, Thank you! :D He is 15 weeks tomorrow! How old is yours? :). It would be nice! :)
    5. GoldenShadow
      Hellooo just a reminder that the deadline for Secret Santa is 30th September 2012, I need paypal of 50p per dog, your name, your address and your dog(s) names sending to me via PM. Secret Santa Paypal email address is PFSecretSanta@hotmail.com :)
    6. newfiesmum
      Also when Joshua was only ten weeks old he had heat stroke. The bill for that came to over £1000 which the insurance paid. I had only had him for two weeks, so I would not have been able to save that much. Lifetime cover with Petplan was far too expensive, they wanted £248 per month for Ferdie and Joshua.

      I hope that helps.
    7. newfiesmum
      Oh, you have met one of Sharon's dogs? That is great. Ferdie is insured with Churchill for about £26 per month, but it only covers up to £3,000 per illness with a 12 month limit. Joshua was also insured with them for the same, but during his final illness his bill came to £2,500. I don't think it was enough, but I have left Ferdie's as it is because he is nearly six now and it would cost a lot to change companies. Diva is insured through Virgin for up £6000 with no time limit, as Sharon wanted me to carry on with them. That costs about £46 per month. I feel that it is important with dogs this size to have third party liability insurance and both mine are insured for up to £2million for this. They could easily knock someone over and injure them by mistake and I could end up getting sued. That is not something you can self insure for, and if you can, then you don't need insurance at all!
    8. newfiesmum
      Thank you for liking my websites! My dogs are from Chateaunewf Kennels in Norfolk. They have a website if you want to look it up. They don't breed often, but all their dogs have won championships all over Europe and they have challenge certificates from Crufts last year. The female I have now was given to me by them as they could not breed from her and wanted her to have a proper pet home. She won yearling bitch at Crufts 2010. Ferdie I bought from them as a puppy, and Joshua who I sadly lost in September. They are excellent breeders, only breed good examples of the breed, and have all the hips score, elbow score and heart certificates. All their dogs are also very friendly with a wonderful temperament.

      If you want to know anything more, please let me know. I am always happy to brag about my babies x
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    My name's Natasha and my partner and I live in the Channel Islands. We are currently dogless but hope to adopt our dog in the next year or so :)


    Tash xo

    Proud owner of:
    9 very cheeky rats - Angus, Cyril, Finch, Hamish, Kingsley, Marley, Percival, Rupert and Seamus.
    2 floppy ragdolls - Ophelia (Phee) and Leon
    1 newfoundland puppy - Raleigh

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