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Jan 25, 2014
Sep 19, 2009
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June 26

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PetForums VIP, from Shropshire

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Jan 25, 2014
    1. JSR
      No worries. I'm having a FAB day!! Found rescue places for 6 dogs that a lovely breeder decided she no longer wanted at the weekend, we just don't have space for them here and one of them was a huge Newfoundland was thought we were going to have a serious problem!! But 2 rescues have stepped up and said they'll take them so I'm happy happy happy!! Just need to get them to South Wales and Hull but hey what's a few hundred miles!! lol!!
    2. tafwoc
      You will have to take pics of that too ;) pmsl
    3. tafwoc
      Hell yeh. Wheres that saddle? lol
    4. babycham2002
      Awww shucks thanks, she nearly comes up to your gorgeous trio.
      She passed her GCDS puppy assessment tonight and starts bronze next week, I'm such a proud mummy!
    5. tafwoc
      Aww poor fella. Give him a huge hug from me. Aww he doesn't deserve it, hes a true champ.
    6. tafwoc
      Oh god iv got gory images in my head now of squishing my nose on a step. :( EWWWW.
      You need to take some more pics of your beauties!! I love seeing them, theyre imense. Hows Daltons leg atm. Hope its ok. :)
    7. tafwoc
      I know and when i fall, think of you holding it high in the air while falling on your face ;) LMAO.
    8. tafwoc
      Yeh this time i bet il drop it. lmao. Im surprised i haven't already with how clumsy i am
    9. tafwoc
      I hope it doesn't go faulty again, i will be annoyed, as the camera place was a good old trek, but it saved me having to send it off, and you know how the posties like to throw parcels:rolleyes:
    10. tafwoc
      Lol. I know im so relieved, i was thinking man i hope they don't call me and say 'you dumbass you just need to press this button.' I would have died. ;)
    11. tafwoc
      YEY my camera is fixed :) They said it was something to do with the wiring? Beats me. But its happy and healthy again. So i can now go back to flooding the forum with pics of my lot. ;)
    12. JSR
      The GSD is Mya she was a foster that I rehomed to a local farmer and his wife, she spends her days chasing her dad on his quad and rounding up sheep!! She was a darling, would have kept her but my bitch doesn't really like other bitches and she didn't fit through the dog flap!LOL! My own mutts are 1 mongrel, 2 staffy crosses, a JRT and my special boy who is a standard poodle x bedlington!! All failed fosters except Sidney(the poodle) who was dumped at a rescue at 5 weeks old and I saw him Boxing Day and just knew he was my Xmas pressie to myself!!!
      I love your dogs, esp Kane (cos that's horses name too!!). I will one day have a long haired GSD but need to wait til my garden (and dog flap) is bigger!! xx
    13. sketch
      whoops wrong bit
    14. mashabella
      i mean.. if she was lucky, it might work and no one is denying that.. but its just not worth the risk. its not a blooming chihuahua
    15. mashabella
      tell me about it!! so many ppl think they are some kind of dog trainer or expert just because they have owned dogs.
      so i am a driving instructor too then seeing i drive
      i can also be a nutritionist cos i am not overweight
      every english person can be an english teacher too cos they speak english..surely!
    16. mashabella
      awww thanks! so is Liberty in that puppy photo!!!

      yea and i thought Jack-jack was being aggressive.. now i think about it how ridiculous, he was only 12 wks old LOL he just needed the right guidance. some dogs are naturally placid and are not too challenging but some do need the owners to be on board
    17. mashabella
      He is SO much better! sometimes i cannot believe he used to stress me out like mega lol
      and thanks to the trainer who we hired to come to see him. he was not a problematic dog..just needed the correct handling and understanding.
      thats why i thought your post was great because a lot of time we just need to be shown what to do!! i mean he is only a toy poodle and is never going to be able to kill me but still i felt it was important his issues were dealt with. Now he is a happy dog and we enjoy him fully. Though of course him being only 5 months old i am sure there's more to come lol
    18. mashabella
      aww thanks i will.
      i just replied to your msg left for his photo... you do remember him being a little bugger when i pm'ed you before right ? lol
    19. mashabella
      no prob you deserved it :)
    20. tafwoc
      haha. Well we will have to keep that hushed, i don't want the mob after me when summer weather goes downhill. lol.
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    June 26
    I am as nutty as a fruit bat.......I have three dogs, so must be nutty.
    My glass is always half full, which is very annoying ha ha, but i like being happy, I am happy

    My dogs, my dogs, photography, oh yes and did i mention MY DOGS


    Sarah xxx

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