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Jan 25, 2014
Sep 19, 2009
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June 26

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PetForums VIP, from Shropshire

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Jan 25, 2014
    1. Natik
      Its mainly about Northern Inuits... I hope its going to turn out alright, never done this before haha
    2. tafwoc
      Put a few pics in a thread, thought i better test the camera now its fixed :)
    3. Natik
      oh, i didnt post piccys since ages... i got no time even shooting some new ones lol just working on my website, didnt think it would take up so much time haha but as soon i have some free time, i will get some piccys up :D
    4. golfchick
      i appreciate the offer, only really got the bf who is long distance, best mate again long distance so i do end up sat round a lot with no one to chat to
    5. golfchick
      no no you didnt at all, i look forward to being able to showing some pics off of her as i have probably hundreds. She was my first is all and its still pretty raw to me as im sure everybody on here knows having experienced it themselves.
    6. michaelasi
      things are getting back to normal slowly . Brewster is a love but needs quite a bit of training and control , madam Kia it is a bit anoyed on him coz he pulls to much for her taste and keep bumps in to her when she wants to have a sniff and we are working hard with the cats. I just come back had a shower and is bloody raining , WHY DOSE IT HAVE TO RAIN? I want sun shine to put some stuff on washing line , I want to start my garden duty , I want somebody to come and clean up in my house and do the shopping to ... And on top of that I was covered in mud and other things because of this 2 buggers , I did not know what to do to laugh or to cray ... Now I have to take kia out again because she did not had a poo and just started raining again >Can't win , when I was out with them was raining , come back home aehv a shower , coffee and a fag the rain stoped and now started again . IT IS NOT FAIR lol
    7. katiefranke
      maggie is a Marshonelle, which I guess would be classed as a show line like Rosmarinus, but in actual fact her pedigree is part show and part ISDS working lines. I like a nice mix as it keeps their working drive - I have met a number of full show lines who dont have any drive and are so laid back constantly that they dont seem like border collies at all. It really does depend on what breeding they have but on the whole, working lines are sleeker, dont have quite so thick coats, and have longer legs...whereas those with a mix towards show lines are slightly sturdier and shorter legs, with more of the thicker coats around...however I really dont like the full show lines collies i have seen that are just all fluff and very short...they are moving too far away from what a BC should look like for my liking! ;)
    8. michaelasi
      gosh I love them all. lillby is a very sweet and big las now . kane and dalton are wow , I am lost for words , love every single picture . Gosh I wished be there to for a run with them , believe me I behave lovely , I do not need any collar and I have a good recall to , can you adopt me?
    9. katiefranke
      thats ok :) - I love looking at different BCs and find it really fascinating how certain build/markings etc show up through the lines :) Lace has a LOT of ISDS working dogs in her pedigree (much more than show lines) - so there may well be a lot of similar dogs in there to Libs!
    10. katiefranke
      awww, bless her, hopefully with age and all the work you are putting in now, she will get more confident with age :)
    11. katiefranke
      and scroll down to picture 8 of Lace (Rosmarinus Gin Soda) - i have seen a lot of piccies of Lace and Libby looks a lot like her markings-wise...i think that is lace in the puppy pics from my link in the post below too.
      Rosmarinus Dogs In Competition.
    12. katiefranke
      scroll down to the third pic of the sire - diesel - and the bottom pup! Pimms x Diesel litter.
    13. katiefranke
      yeah I guess you would class rozzies as show lines, but a nice mix of ISDS working lines in there too - mainly bred for agility/flyball, so nice high drive still - maggie comes from the rozzies...here you go: ROSMARINUS BORDER COLLIES I was just trying to find the specific dogs she looks like :)
    14. mistymilo
      We are all good thanks you? We've been really busy at the moment showing and agility training, we have a lot of shows coming up which keeps me busy. How are things with you? xx
    15. golfchick
      i will at a later date some point, only lost my dog a month ago and its still way too painful and emotional to look at the pics of her, just start blubbing away!
    16. katiefranke
      awww, they are great! love the action shots - and what a stunner libby is turning into!! wow...she reminds me of one of maggies relatives (in fact a couple of them I know) - she has the markings/look about her face of some of the rosmarinus border collies...:)
    17. katiefranke
      will go have a looksey now :) yeah noticed you had changed your signature pics - so guessing these are some of them!
    18. katiefranke
      hey there! good thanks - we had another weekend at the MILs and so maggie had loads of fun with their 6 dogs this weekend :) hows you and the gang?
    19. babycham2002
      OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! amazing piccies, has Kane grown even more? Your doglets are just the most amazing I've ever seen!
      No chance for more piccies like that in this horrid rain ay!!
    20. JSR
      Lol!! Why do you think I've got 5 at home!! I'm okay normally but I'm struggling with the lurcher Norris cos I really love him but my old boys won't accept him so even though another rescue have said they'll take him cos I just can't find him a home around here, I really don't want to let him go!! Selfish cos he needs a proper home. Anyway my real job is boring as hell but at least it means I can sneakily do rescue stuff while pretending to input invoices!! It's the lady who runs the kennels we use that gets most of the crap, she has dogs dumped at all hours!! I've only had a couple left outside my door! Anyway it's all good fun and you do meet some wonderful people and dogs of course!! I'm off now to sort out my horse and take the dogs for our first week night LIGHT walk in months!! Woo hoo!!!
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    June 26
    I am as nutty as a fruit bat.......I have three dogs, so must be nutty.
    My glass is always half full, which is very annoying ha ha, but i like being happy, I am happy

    My dogs, my dogs, photography, oh yes and did i mention MY DOGS


    Sarah xxx

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