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Jan 25, 2014
Sep 19, 2009
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June 26

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PetForums VIP, from Shropshire

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Jan 25, 2014
    1. RachyBobs
      no worries!! xx
    2. Vicki
      My Mali puppy is now 6 months old. I've never had a Mali before, but I've had a Tervueren before. But I have some experience of the breed before I got one since I used to watch my friends Mali when she was working. They are a wonderful breed but not always easy to own.
    3. tafwoc
      You are a lucky girl ;) An you have great taste in dogs too :)
    4. tafwoc
      Aww its great that you have such a cool husband! My oh would kill me. lol.
    5. tafwoc
      Aww thats great that they get on :) I demand pics (as soon as you have time of course) ;) I bet your house is a laugh a minute with all those guys
    6. tafwoc
      He is so lovely though! What does little libs think of him?
    7. tafwoc
      4 dogs!! WOW hun. Well you will defo be busy. haha. Make sure we have loads of pics to oggle over ;) Hope your ok. x
    8. cutekiaro1
      aw bless him, good to hear you other nutters like him
    9. dodigna
      Oh well, who complains! No need to dwell on the reason behind changes, especially when changes are for the better, right! It is great that she is doing better! It's a happy time in the sketch's home! Enjoy it, you deserve it after the amount of work you hav done with her, it is great reward to see her happy and more relaxed! I love Libby!
    10. cutekiaro1
      I cant believe you kept that so quiet lol. He is beautiful, Can we swap lol x x x
      I might be getting another one when we move:thumbup:
      Wont be a puppy though :(
    11. dodigna
      the valerian and skullcap are really good tablets though and it was great timing to start her on them before Rayden home coming, they do take the edge off things anyway. it is great that she has taken to him so well. Might do her good having a pup looking up to her anyway! Gosh, you do have a busy home! Envy!
    12. dodigna
      Love him:001_wub:
      He's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

      How is Libby doing with Kev?
    13. babycham2002
      Congratulations on the gorgeous Rayden, he is just perfect and I love him name.
      Looking forward to all your tales and pics of him growing up. xxx
    14. tafwoc
      Heya hunni, how are you? x
    15. Leah84
      i`m coping a bit better now but for a while i kept expecting her to come running through the door and would pick up chews for her in the shop then it would hit me like it just happened....my oh thinks i sound like someone`s died and am overreacting but i miss her and don`t care what anyone else thinks about the way i acted

      just put some pics up of banjo. noone can believe how obedient and calm she is for her age, the only problems we`ve had with her are at the vet, pulling on the lead and chasing cats which in all honesty can`t really be complained about. i can count the amount of accidents she`s had in the house on 1 hand and they`ve all been cause we`ve been so busy we`ve not noticed her at the door and since she doesn`t make any noise to alert us we haven`t noticed
    16. Leah84
      I still get updates everyday and see pics of her, she's attached to badger and it's a great comfort knowing she's happy. Nothing but bad things have happened to the woman next door since, she even got fined fir parking at her front door cause she never displayed her permit. It's small but it makes me happy and our neighbours were loudly declaring what they thought of her when her window was open. We're having a BBQ next week an normally we'd tell everyone to come in at 9 but they can stay out as late as they want after she done that

      it's strange how different labs are so long as banjo is walked she is happy just to snuggle on the sofa. I jump when she barks lol it's so loud! She hates the vet though an he didn't help by jumping back when she growled at him, you'd think they'd know better than anyone not to show fear especially since I had a good hold of her
    17. Leah84
      the main reason I can't use a halti is cause banjo freaks out flipping all over the place and smacking her face to get it off an cries really loud. She doesn't like anything on her face or anyone she doesn't know to touch her collar, vet thinks it may be abuse or she's just overly protective
    18. Leah84
      Hey just thought I'd fill you in a but. We no longer have muffin she's with badgersmum now. Our neighbour kept complaining about her as she has a vendetta against us and fir some reason the council took her side an issued us with an abatement. If we didn't rehome her they were gonna take us to court an issue us with a massive fine meaning we'd have to sell the house to pay it and with a kid I couldn't risk it. It was heartbreaking an I still breakdown thinking of her, I spent weeks refusing to leave the house an had to go back to therapy I just felt so alone without her. A friend knew someone who was trying to rehome their daughters lab as she was being left at home all the time on her own an not treated very well an my oh decided to rehome her to get me out the house again. This time the neighbour can't complain as this dog is so well behaved on her own an we've recorded her while out everyone on our street knows what she done an they all ignore her for it
    19. simplysardonic
      bearing up hun, looking forward to getting back to college TBH as I feel a bit useless at the mo xx
    20. RAINYBOW
      Cheers ;) ;)
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    June 26
    I am as nutty as a fruit bat.......I have three dogs, so must be nutty.
    My glass is always half full, which is very annoying ha ha, but i like being happy, I am happy

    My dogs, my dogs, photography, oh yes and did i mention MY DOGS


    Sarah xxx

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