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Jan 25, 2014
Sep 19, 2009
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June 26

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PetForums VIP, from Shropshire

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Jan 25, 2014
    1. sequeena
      Not too bad hun thanks :D how are you? x
    2. lemmsy
      As you probably have guessed I'd love to get another dog, but don't know if the time is right ATM? I keep sneeking on rescue sites to look at all the gorgeous dogs there. There is a really sweet little collie x at FOTA rct. But if I'm honest with myself now is probably not the time to adopt another dog just yet so I guess I'll have to wait a year or so! Dash as you know is more confident than he ever was (very occasionally has a wobbly moment but I'm reassured that these are inevitable and do become rarer and rarer until they just disappear). He's become far more playful with other dogs recently too which is really nice to see! We're doing agility twice a week now (and practice throughout), so his lordship is having a whale of a time with that as well as being fussed afterwards by all of the agility folk! I've got a couple of comps booked (which he really enjoys) so we are both looking forward to them.
      Hope you and all of your lovely woofers are well x
    3. lemmsy
      Hey again,
      Sorry to reply so late.
      Really glad little Miss Libby has progressed so much. In the pictures you posted the other day she certainly looked really calm and happy. Well done to you for all your hard work with her.
      Your new little pup is gorgeous btw. Is he from the same breeder as Kane or Dalton.
      He looks like an absolute sweetie and he's certainly landed on his paws with you and yours.
    4. tafwoc
      Well i will be awaiting photos as always! You will have to drop me a message when you put more up ;)
    5. tafwoc
      He is so lush! I bet your neighbours think your starting a security business with all your dogs.lol. How is the little fella doing anyway? Do all the others love him?
    6. tafwoc
      Yeh im good. How are you? Been upto anything crazy recently? Like roller blading with the pups? haha
    7. tafwoc
      Thats good to hear! She is such a gorgeous girl. Glad it has all worked out. x
    8. lemmsy
      Hey Sketchy,
      Had a bit of a break of recent but I'm back for a bit now. Couldn't help but notice that a certain lucky lady has a lovely new poopie (I'm not jealous honest :O :p). Tell me more! How is my lovely Libby getting along these days? xxx
    9. tafwoc
      Aww bless them, they are all such stunners! Yeh im good thanks, enjoying this lush weather! How is liberty nowerdays? She has come so far.
    10. tafwoc
      Hey up hun. How have you been? I havn't been on here allot lately. How is your lovely puppy doing? x
    11. leashedForLife
      yoo-hoo! caption-contest #49 - so there! nyah-nyah... - Pet Forums Community :D
    12. Matrix/Logan
      Oh my Gosh he is fabtastic!! You are very lucky i bet you get so many people commenting on him when you carry him out!! X
    13. tafwoc
      I'l hold you to that ;)
    14. tafwoc
    15. Spellweaver
      thanks for the rep :)
    16. cutekiaro1
      oh bless him im going to nab him lol. Any more piccies? x
    17. cutekiaro1
      cool thanks hun I think im going to invest in one, got to be worth a try witht he little madam lol x
      hows the pupster doing any more piccies?
    18. cutekiaro1
      yep they are the ones lol x I thought it was a dogmatic but wasnt sure, Im having a nightmare with her at the mo in class she is forever having a go at the other dogs, really barking and lunging, shes on a flat collar at the mo but is stupidly strong. Treats dont work anymore. I tried ace head collar on her last night and she was good as gold with it x
    19. cutekiaro1
      Hi Hun just a quick one, what is the name of the face thingy you use for D. I have one but it tends to rise a bit too close to her eyes for my liking. Shes being really naughty in class lately but I think its my own fault as I havent done any training with her, been quite ill with a chest infection :(

      thanks hun x x
    20. Vicki
      I'm not sure I agree that Malis are cute (but mine is of course :)), but they are really fun to work with. I don't live anywhere near Shropshire (although I must admit I don't really know where that is). But since I live in the North of Sweden I'm quite sure it's far away from where you live :)

      Do you know your the pedigree of your friends Mali? My dog comes from both Belgian and German lines and there is a possibility that they have some common ancestors.
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    June 26
    I am as nutty as a fruit bat.......I have three dogs, so must be nutty.
    My glass is always half full, which is very annoying ha ha, but i like being happy, I am happy

    My dogs, my dogs, photography, oh yes and did i mention MY DOGS


    Sarah xxx

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