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Jan 25, 2014
Sep 19, 2009
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June 26

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PetForums VIP, from Shropshire

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Jan 25, 2014
    1. emmaviolet
      Thank you for the rep, very kind.
    2. SixStar
      Thank you for the rep - I think it'll fall on deaf ears though:(
    3. crog
      Hi Sarah, you gave me some advice a month or so ago, in relation to my little cocker pup, Hudson. Training going quite well, we have walk to heal, on and off the lead spot on, even around all manner of destination, rabbit, gees ext. The recall on the whistle is work in progress. But chasing deer is a real problem! Anyway thanks for the advice, it was good to have some positive reinforcement. Cheers Craig x
    4. Julesky
      Ooo just came across your sig on a thread- your dogs are beautiful! hope you don't mind me saying :)
    5. maxandskye
      Hope you & the gang are ok ? xxxx
    6. maxandskye
      Hiya hunny ..hehe xxx
    7. simplysardonic
      Thankies :) yeah she's a little corker, we start training classes on Saturday, I'm hoping the trainer will be impressed as she's so quick to learn, though she has a stubborn streak but I think that's the street dog genes coming out (her mum was rescued from the streets in Romania & had puppies while in a foster home) xx
    8. simplysardonic
      Not too bad hun, we have a new fluffy bundle of joy, Rogue, who is keeping us busy :) xx
    9. simplysardonic
      Hiya hun, hope you & the lovely furmonsters are all well xxxx
    10. snej
      To be honest, the idea of letting her run free is something I can relate to much more than the notion of being worried about her joints all the time, therefore restricting her to 15-20 minutes of walking... Today, I discovered that 'heel' command goes well with a freshly cooked chicken treats in hand! Well, at least until she saw a cat :)) Anyway, thanks for answering, all the best!
    11. snej
      I see you have a border collie, right, it looks beautiful!
      I have a border collie x springer spaniel, 6 months old, got her a month ago from a pound, and she is a lot of things - sweet, smart, crazy scavenger, curious and playful, easily distracted and very impressionable, chewer and mouther, trainable (but prefers frolicking a lot)... I wanted to ask you for any cues on not pulling on the lead, and exercising... I was left with the impression that if I dont exercise her enough she can easily become bored and destructible... then I read that an hour walk is too much for a puppy's joints... What does your own experience show?
      Thanks, cheers
    12. RAINYBOW
      Glad you are enjoying your new furball xx We are good thanks, just having an afternoon cuddle ;)
    13. RAINYBOW
      how's the pup ??? xx
    14. Malmum
      Thanks for the rep, some people eh?
    15. RAINYBOW
      will have Oscar gift wrapped and ready ;)
    16. RAINYBOW
      You know my weakness for a gorgeous shep ;)
    17. RAINYBOW
      lol, I like a challenge x
    18. RAINYBOW
      Yes but not KC registered. Can't remember his lines off the top of my head but when he was a pup we met a lady who used to judge Cockers and she went mad for him. I know i am bias but i always think he is a particularly good looking boy.
    19. RAINYBOW
      Looks can be deceptive, he is a bugger (lol) but a very loveable rogue ;)
    20. RAINYBOW
      Thanks for the comment :) xx
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    June 26
    I am as nutty as a fruit bat.......I have three dogs, so must be nutty.
    My glass is always half full, which is very annoying ha ha, but i like being happy, I am happy

    My dogs, my dogs, photography, oh yes and did i mention MY DOGS


    Sarah xxx

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