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Mar 25, 2012
Feb 16, 2012
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Mar 25, 2012
    1. AlbertRoss
      Hi, sorry for delay in replying - took a few days off! Basically, the question would revolve around how well you look after your pet's teeth! If you have an annual check up at the vet he can look at the teeth and recommend any extra treatment. I no longer have cats but I keep my dogs' teeth clean by making sure that part of their food is always dry/biscuit and give them each a 'Dentastick' every day. If you can do that then the John Lewis cover would be fine. If you do decide to go with them, and you are buying online, it helps keep my website alive if you go there and click through to the insurer so I can count how many people buy which insurance (Pet Insurance. Compare pet insurance policies from the major pet insurers and save money). Thanks, Al
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