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Dec 16, 2013
Oct 27, 2012
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Full time mum

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PetForums Member, from Guisborough

simonehadland2009 was last seen:
Dec 16, 2013
    1. Symone
      How is goldie doing? :)
    2. LurcherOwner
      He really is! How old is he now?
    3. LurcherOwner
      Just seen a couple pics on the dog chat with you kip playing with craven and chase!! Your dog is beautiful!! He looks alot like mine actually!! :lol:
    4. Wyrd
      HI, just saw your post about the body warmer, it's still for sale and I am happy to post it :)
    5. Jackie99
      Thank you very much for your rep. Only now noticed xxx
    6. Dumples
      Good on ya for taking her home. Vicks came with a bit of "baggage", but she has mellowed with age. She didn't know what to do out on a walk, or how to play or anything. Now she's just stuck in puppy mode!

      Well, I'm off to find some cheese.....and then bed. Hope I don't get nightmares. lol You have a good weekend. Give those dogs a big hug from me.
    7. Dumples
      aargh. Don't get me started. I used to help out with a local dog rescue (that's how we got to meet Vicks). Poor Hattie. What wouldn't I give for 10 minutes alone in a room with some of these people (and a dirty great big bloke, for back up).
    8. Dumples
      What, you mean you aren't housetrained yet? lol
      Both our girls were rescues, so we didn't have the housetraining to cope with. They were both very clean, considering they'd been in kennels for months. Vicks not so keen on strange men. Brandy loved everybody (we lost her in May, she was such a special girl).
    9. Dumples
      Just sent a message to you, but I seem to have posted it on my own profile page. What a doofus I am!
      Kip looks like a baby Panda in the photo below. He's so cute. Hattie is a real sweetie.
    10. lola belle
      lola belle
      That's excellent for you then.....I have used DAF on and off for ages now, sometimes the quality isn't great though....am not the only one to experience this either. Someone once posted on here that there was a little problem once, meat being very high etc and dogs not eating it. I had exactly the same problem. I do like thE Anglian meats though and up to now always been okay. Some people don't rate their meats, think its just down to personal preference and what suits their dogs. We are going back to Northumberland, hopefully won't be too long now.
    11. lola belle
      lola belle
      Good luck with them both and the green tripe, it smells very strong, hope you have a strong stomach...lol
      Do you have a supplier local to you? I use DAF and Anglian...as we are in the process of moving back to the North East, am not wanting to fill my freezer, so keep having to go to WCF and Pets at Home, makes it very costly, but can't be helped. I hope you are enjoying being on the forum, a nice place isn't it.
    12. lola belle
      lola belle
      Ae you going to give the puppy tripe as well as your older girl? Dogs love tripe, it can make them slightly loose if they aren't used to it though, it's nothing major, just something to be aware of with having a toddler. It'd probably only be the first day or so, if you go slowly with the change over it should all work out fine. These lot love tripe, I get them tripe chunks as well as the minced stuff, the chunks I often give to them frozen, they love them. Good luck with the Raw journey, hope it is successful for you all.
    13. lola belle
      lola belle
      I use both for my lot, dry and raw, however, I have 3 dogs that cannot cope with raw meat or bones. I have tried for a long time with them too, one bitch has ended up I the vet with salmonellosis. That's twice this year, I have given up trying with her now. Poor dog looks like she's escaped from Belsen....my vet thinks I'm insane for keep trying. The dogs that can have raw, have it though. I use chicken wings, necks,drumsticks and thighs, prize choice minces and chunks. I get lamb ribs, beef marrowbone shanks, and am gonna get some chicken carcasses this week too. It's basically trial and error, one think I do find with the raw, is that the dogs seem hungrier. I don't feed anything added into their dry food meals, everything separate, so they may have wings for breakfast, tripe chunks for tea one day, then dry food for breakfast and drumsticks for tea another day. I feed my chihuahuas the same food as the bigger dogs.
    14. lola belle
      lola belle
      I know lots of people who feed Wagg, successful show dogs most of them, however, on here, they'd be slaughtered for admitting to feeding it. One friend, is a show judge, she has tried many brands, always goes back to Wagg....her dogs are in beautiful condition. Another feeds his afghan hounds on it, their coats are superb, good growth and a glass like gloss.
      We have a whippet that loses weight and condition in the colder months, he's always been like that, up to now haven't found anything that improves him, he's now 5 and it concerns me as much today as it did the first year we had him.
    15. lola belle
      lola belle
      I agree 100%......
      It's a minefield out there regarding dog food....I must have tried every brand and method over the years. Still learning on that score, will get the hang of it eventually !!! Lol
    16. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Your welcome, hope your enjoying the forum.
    17. lola belle
      lola belle
      Lurchers can be very easy to train, think I depends on the mx of breeds though. The collie was used to introduce brains and trainability, as greyhounds aren't really renowned for theirs....I love greyhounds, and they are a nice breed of dog. Saluki's are known to be aloof and independent, not biddable like the collie breeds. You will have to see how your little one develops, you'll soon know how bright or biddable he is. my first competitive obedience dog was a lurcher bitch....am going back a lot of years now though.
    18. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thank you for the friend request have accepted x
    19. Coffee
      Hi, that's great :) I'll delete that other message now (or edit it if it won't let me delete it!) x
    20. lola belle
      lola belle
      I think a crate would be invaluable for you, from what you have said. It can always be folded down and stored when you no longer think its necessary for him, you would also probably be able to sell it on. I just kept my first crate, as I thought I may use it again, which I have done, again and again !!! Love the photo's of your dogs too.
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    Full time mum
    hi my name is simone i am 25yrs old and have 2 little girls emily and matilda, we also have 2 dogs a labrador x collie Hattie who will be 4 at christmas and a lurcher puppy who will be 10 weeks on the 2nd october, i have always grown up around pets and dogs however this is the first time i have ever had a puppy.

    going for long walks with my children and my dogs


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