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Apr 6, 2012
Nov 2, 2008
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PetForums Member, from Lancashire

silverhorse was last seen:
Apr 6, 2012
    1. julie garfitt
      julie garfitt
      do you have a cat for sale jluie coursemanager1@aol.com 01253 351743
    2. princessa rags
      princessa rags
      hi hows your girl any luck this time... my girl in due in 18days and i felt them move today so really excited
    3. princessa rags
      princessa rags
      hi how r u doing with your girl .any signs of pinking up yet
    4. sootisox
      Hiya! How's your girl doing now? Bea gave birth to 5 healthy bundles of joy on Saturday afternoon ... I'm shocked! She's only had 2 and 3 in her last litters (this is her 3rd and last). Looks like we'll have more kittens due on the 8th Sept! Valli (superstud!) is entertaining one of the ladies as we speak. Just witnessed mating number 3 and no doubt there are other sneaky matings I've not witnessed. Hope all is well with you and your furries!! Jo
    5. sootisox
      Ooopps did it again! It's been manic here with Bea having a show / discharge on Sunday at 59 days. We're on 62 days now so feeling a liitle less worried. It's fairly normal for the girls to continue calling after being mated - all of mine do (the only one to stop calling after mating was Lucy). How's Bluebell now?
    6. sootisox
      I'm so sorry! I've just seen your message lol (not the best at checking notifications). Bluebelle delivered 4 healthy babies on Friday - 2 girls and 2 boys. All doing well, although Bluebelle needed pointing in the right direction ... thought nothing of getting out of the birthing box and walking into the kitchen dropping kittens as they fell off the nipple at various steps. It took her a good few hours to work out that she actually had to toilet them too (cue "nanna" on hand with some cotton wool to show her what to do). Shes got the hang of things now tho thank goodness.
    7. MADCAT
      Thats great news i will keep my fingers crossed for you xxx
    8. MADCAT
      Thats not to far to go is it? She is a stunning cat :) xx
    9. MADCAT
      I dont know what the permalink is for lol. If you just go on view conversation thats how i reply.
      None of my cats are being mated no they are just pet cats, My other half says 3 is the limit lol xxx
    10. MADCAT
      She is beautiful, very stunning i bet you are very proud of her, you will have to let me know how you get on with the mating xxx
    11. silverhorse
      Freedo is gorgeous he is a big cat but males often are Look at my persian towards my birman female. I posted another picture of her on my profile. She is on the bed. We are hoping to mate her in about 3 to 4 weeks. She will be one year old then fingers crossed. x
    12. MADCAT
      I have boris who i rescued he his a black moggie, Tootsie is a solid grey perisan and Fredo is my colour point, do you think fredo looks big he is 1 at the end of the month? xxx
    13. MADCAT
    14. MADCAT
      How lovely, birmans are a lovely cat bluebell is a nice name, since i sent you that message i have had a seal point persian he his name fredo and is 6 months old now :) xxx
    15. MADCAT
      She is lovely. I would like a colourpoint one day, i arent allowed anymore yet lol xxx
    16. Purrrrfect
      Good Morning! to a fellow cat lover and Persian owner. Your baby is adorable.
      I look forward to chatting with you. Have a good day hugz and purrrs.

    17. silverhorse
      Hi Madcat , I just have Honey but I intend to breed from her. Just uploaded a photo on members gallery. She is a really big kitten at nearly 8 months old. Your Ella looks lovely too. It was many years ago since I bred colourpoints but now semi reired I have time on my hands again.
    18. MADCAT
      Your Honey is beautiful, do you have any more cats? I read that you use to breed colourpoints, i would love one. I have 2 cats Tootsie a Blue Perian and Boris a black moggie. xxx
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    Years ago I used to breed Colourpoints and now I have just bought my first Persian a red smoke queen for breeding.

    Photographing cats and pets
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