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Aug 21, 2017
Oct 15, 2009
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PetForums VIP, from ipswich

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Aug 21, 2017
    1. delca1
      Hi, do you have Christmas fabric for collars? (covering all bases here, have emailed you too!
    2. DogHeart
      Hi. Come and join our community DogsHeartFoundation.com send this message to all animal lovers to save a soul.
    3. 8tansox
      Hiya, hope you're well. Could you let me have details of your website and if you're on FB links to your page please? Are you still working? I have a customer who runs and she's after a running belt for herself and her TWO rescued Spaniels, wondered if you could help?
    4. sharloid
    5. sharloid
      I know I've missed the deadline for ordering more stuff but I was just pondering... how easy/possible would it be to make a collar out of oilcloth type fabric? :)
    6. sharloid
      Can you just send the gangline ASAP and I'll have a talk with the OH about collars and couplers. Thank you :D
    7. sharloid
      Yeah it's just for walking. It was mostly fine on two leads except for when Kindra kept walking behind and Rob nearly stood on her! How much would a 2m long with a... say 1m split part be?
    8. sharloid
      After walking them both on the belt I'm thinking either get a neckline or a short coupler so that they can still have a little freedom, what do you think? I can't decide. :(
    9. sharloid
      Right I ordered the gangline... do you do necklines? I can't see any one your website :(
    10. sharloid
      Now I'm scared the wheels are going to fall off. :(

      Right I'm ordering the gangline etc from you. How come the one for scooters is the shortest and is there any reason why I'd need the bike loop instead of just slipknotting the line round the scooter front? Sorry for the questions - I'm a total noob. :P
    11. sharloid
      Hi, I was just wondering if you had experience of using the Pawtrekker full suspension scooter? After waiting 3 weeks we've now been told the normal one is out of stock and I was just wondering if the full suspension one is any good? I saw in the reviews something about the front wheel falling off... :P
    12. Malmum
      Have measured Kali for the trial harness Sid, that's the one isn't it? She is 42cm withers to breastbone (one side) and 64cm breast bone to half way down back. Does that sound like I've got it right, lol?
    13. sharloid
      Sorry if I'm being thick but I can't find any pictures of a pink belt. A picture of the flower padding would be good :). We're also thinking of getting an adjustable harness for the little one to use with a long line as I don't trust the one she has at the mo!
    14. sharloid
      Hi, we already have a SASS walking belt but I'm thinking of getting a prettier one for me and Kindra. Can I ask if yours are adjustable at all? Do you have any more pictures of them than what's on the website? I'm particular interested in pink flower padding or anything purple and pink.

      Thanks :)
    15. AmberNero
      what a pain! I need to link my joint account, my paypal is still set up to my personal account which is empty right now. garrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. *sigh* bear with me, at least I know I can get it to work now, will order successfully another day. Thank you for your help!
    16. AmberNero
      aahhhhh, now I'm getting somewhere! cheers :)
    17. AmberNero
      Just internet explorer, will have a go on chrome
    18. AmberNero
      Do I need to log in to make it all work, can I not order and buy as a guest? Perhaps that's the problem? Yes, black zoomorphic is the one we picked out
    19. AmberNero
      Oh bother! still having problems with ordering Nero's collar! :(
    20. AmberNero
      It fits really nicely and looks gorgeous, I really like the change you made to the length of the semi-slip
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    hi im sinead im 19 and have a 8 n 1/2 month old white siberian husky (Kira), 7 Leopard geckos (kimiko, kiko, ecko, suki, stubbi, banana, sunspot), a bearded dragon (draco), an asian sun skink (akira) and a royal python (kai). I got to otley college and study animal management, 2nd year =]]

    playing/looking after kira, retiles, college, friends, my fiance rick


    Grey - Siberian Husky
    Kira - Siberian Husky
    Keyusha - Siberian Husky
    Diesel - Staffy X​
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