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Apr 5, 2013
Sep 24, 2010
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Support worker / Psychology student

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PetForums Senior, from Wales

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Apr 5, 2013
    1. myshkin
      Ah, it doesn't entirely surprise me for some reason. Round our way the majority of dogs work, so it's not something most would know about. I'll keep my eyes open though, if I ever hear of anyone with 21st century methods I'll let you know!
    2. myshkin
      What sort of trainer? Dog trainer? If so I've never looked to be honest. There's a pretty good circuit trainer there, but I'm pretty sure you didn't mean that ;)
    3. myshkin
      I'm not far from Llanrwst - in fact that's my nearest "big" town :) I love it, the smartest move I ever made, it's a totally different life here.
    4. kaz_f
      Great, I hope you find somewhere. This is my dream for Alf a big enclosed field with no sheep. Alf's recall is rubbish and he isn't really motivated by toys or treats so it's tricky and there's nowhere to practise. I've seen lots of fields that have been baled that don't have sheep in so they're a good starting point. Good luck :)
    5. kaz_f
      Hmmm, no I don't think so although I'll put my thinking cap on. This is my problem too - everywhere either has other dogs/people to get distracted with or there's sheep. Are you teaching recall at the minute then? How are you getting on? How about asking a local farmer if you can use a field that doesn't have livestock in?
    6. kaz_f
      It'd be nice to do something like agility or flyball but think it might be chaotic with Alf, he is really into socialising with other dogs so I doubt I'd be able to get him to focus as he'd be too interested in meeting and greeting :) One of the other forum members who has a Vizsla does agility with it though and her Viz is really good.
    7. kaz_f
      Oh no! That's a worry for you, sorry to hear you are poorly at the moment. I am sure the scan is just them making sure they cover all bases but nevertheless you can't help but worry about these things can you. I'm ok, got to go for a yucky test at Bangor in the next few months which I am dreading too. I haven't even got the appointment through yet and I am thinking about it/dreading it already!

      Glad the flyball was fun, is this a regular thing you're going to be doing with Oscar? I always love watching the flyball. I missed it this year but they have a fun dog show every year up at Bryn Y Maen and they do things like flyball and agility. It's great to watch. Wish I had even half their energy! I'll keep you posted with the council, and I hope your scan goes well. Sending you positive vibes for that!
    8. kaz_f
      You've just reminded me to chase it up actually. I did get a response although it was just one of those automated letters saying they acknowledge receipt of my letter and that they would write to me with a full response within 14 days. They are useless really. I wrote to their footpaths team last year about a footpath that a farmer had basically completely blocked and he had removed all the signs and they were supposed to follow it up with a visit but surprise surprise they never followed it up (not that I am a serial complainer of course!) How are you doing?

      whoops I posted the reply on my own profile first off DOH!
    9. RobD-BCactive
      You may like the group we started, welcome if you're interested.
    10. kaz_f
      It's totally bonkers. It's very rare you can find any areas that aren't being grazed by sheep around here so you'd think at least the public places would be accessible! It's a disgrace. Conwy CBC always go overboard on everything - they were the council that heaped the biggest rise on council tak in the whole of Wales this time around. Grrr you've reminded me how mad I am now - I'm gonna write a letter!
    11. kaz_f
      I'm good thanks, no I missed it too I found out after the event. Penmaenmawr beach is one isn't it. There are several beaches now that are no go areas aren't there? grrr! honestly it will escalate to more areas you wait and see. I can sort of see the sense of it around schools but flipin heck! beaches!! Hardly a good thing for tourism as a lot of visitors bring their dogs with them to North Wales
    12. sheika
      I received a message saying that admin/moderator would have to check with the owner of the forum to see if it was ok to continue due to legal issues :/ I didnt think it would be a problem. No one was slagging anyone off or anything we were merely creating a point of reference for people who wish to buy pet supplies online. x
    13. kaz_f
      There's some great places and Penmaenmawr is lovely isn't it? Bet it's great being so close to the sea. I always think Penmaenmawr and Llanfairfechan beaches are wonderful and they tend to be quieter than some others. Big wide expanses of sand too - lovely! Will get my thinking cap on regarding walking spots but there's a lovely one at Pensychnant in the hills above Penmaenmawr. x
    14. kaz_f
      Hello! Thought it'd be nice to have a fellow PF friend in North Wales! :)
    15. suzy93074
      LOL exactly!! u hit the nail right on the head ;) so up themselves its untrue - getting a life springs to mind - ) good on you for replying anyway xx
    16. suzy93074
      LOL love it! :) talk about attention seeking!!! ;)
    17. Staffx
      Got the frisbee today, cheers
    18. Kiwi
      P.s. I think it is so lovely the way that Rufus shares his food with oscar! What a cute pair they are x
    19. Kiwi
      Hi Siberiankiss! I think I remember seeing in one of your posts that you recommended another cat forum/site? If so, please could you remind me which one it was? If not, I must be having a 'senior moment', so just ignore my ramblings...:) Ta x
    20. suzy93074
      lol probably ......but hey Ive been called worse LOL ;)
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