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Apr 4, 2010
Jan 3, 2009
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North Wales
Nursing, Fundraising co-ordinator Rafiki Orphanage

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PetForums Member, from North Wales

siany was last seen:
Apr 4, 2010
    1. Sphynxskin
      Hi siany i pm'd you about willow & pebbles, please can you tell me if they found new homes yet???
    2. Izzie999
      Thanks, he needs all the luck he can get right now, cute pic on your profile, very sweet!
      Hiya, how's things with you?.....hope all is well. ;) :D xxxx
    4. pugsley Adams
      pugsley Adams
      TGIF,lol! good morning! hope that you have a great day!
    5. pugsley Adams
      pugsley Adams
      Good Morning!
    6. Zoo_Keeper
      Hi, i just wanted to say that i love your avatar, is he/she yours?
    7. pugsley Adams
      pugsley Adams
      [IMG]good morning!
    8. pugsley Adams
      pugsley Adams
      good morning, hope that you have a great day!xxxxxxx
    9. pugsley Adams
      pugsley Adams
      Good Morning! yeah it is Monday and it actually for a whole day,lol!
    10. WhiteNile
      Hi, Siany! Just noticed you'd joined the Egyptian Mau Group; thanks for that. xx Hope you enjoyed the YouTube videos. xx
    11. pugsley Adams
      pugsley Adams
      hello kitten boo,, just dropped in again to say meoooooooooooww helllo!
    12. pugsley Adams
      pugsley Adams
      Good morning![IMG]
    13. WhiteNile
    14. WhiteNile
      My videos are here: YouTube - DaughterOfSeti's Channel
      Enjoy! xx I would love to see the videos of the kitts, too, though if they're on YouTube I've probably seen them before, as I'm always checking out Mau videos on YouTube. LOL
    15. WhiteNile
      Damn! I'm actually studying Egyptology, and I had no clue that akila is the Egyptian word for "intelligent" (LOL I should probably get more studying done!). I never know which pictures of my kitty to put up, as I have that many pictures. I have some videos on YouTube of her too that I've posted on the forum before. Maus are really just fun to watch, aren't they? Today I was in fits of laughter at Qetesh; everytime someone walked down our street, she jumped up onto the window-sill, ducked under the net curtain and stood up on her hind legs with her front paws half way up the window and stared at them. People must think I have the nosiest cat EVER! xx
    16. WhiteNile
      I've just been looking at your "My Maus" album...truly gorgeous!! You take excellent photos; they're amazing. xx
    17. pugsley Adams
    18. Cherry24
      Hey, thank you. I noticed that your profile pic could differ with your avatar so thought I'd have one of my ratties in my avatar and one of myself in profile. I really need to get some piccies up in the album section though. I have loads, will have to get onto that tomorrow x
    19. pugsley Adams
      pugsley Adams
      I agree with fair play or don't play at all! hugs and bigger hugs!
      That must be so rewarding......good for you for helping them. Seems to me your'e just a good, kind person all round. That's what i like about you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    North Wales
    Nursing, Fundraising co-ordinator Rafiki Orphanage
    Hi I'm Siany and live in a lovely village in North Wales with my patner and my two gorgeous kidies, a boy and a girl.
    I work as a nurse, and Fundraising co-ordinator for two african orphanage in Kenya. I am mummy to two gorgeous kidies, a boy and a girl.
    I have two Maus, maus are amazing animals, and a little farm cat. My tea cup yorkie is gorgeous, he lives up the road with nanny now coz she was hearbroken after losing his brother. See him all the time though:)
    Have the most tame hamster who looks like a mole! lol

    I am a people person and love making new friends, I like to make people smile:)

    Positive: I'm told I'm a good listener and always try to help.
    Negative: I wear myself out always trying to help! lol
    Love: Family and friends
    Hate: Lies!

    I love working with cats and help out at a animal rescue. I love working with the ferrel cat and kittens, as a child I always came home with a stray cat covered in flees, if there was a stray, you can bet I would find it. Good job our friends had a farm:)

    Charitable work is my vice, I never say no or know when to switch off, I cannot help it and believe we should all try and help others. It can be tiring but positives far out weigh negatives.

    My passion is singing and songwriting, love it! It's like a Diary for me. Love quite days in with the family and fun times out with friends, Fancy dress parties are soooooo much fun!
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