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Siamese Kelly
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Oct 27, 2010
Jan 6, 2008
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Bolton, Lancs

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Siamese Kelly

PetForums VIP, from Bolton, Lancs

Siamese Kelly was last seen:
Oct 27, 2010
    1. shortbackandsides
      you was right and i was soooo wrong.........;)
    2. Clare Ferris
      Clare Ferris
      Hi I am fine sorry only just seen this message.How are you? I am very suprised that you are even messaging me to be honest after the little argument last time. Not that I have a problem with it, just suprised thats all
    3. Milly22
      No worries, thanks for your rep :)
    4. DevilDogz
      ha ha ha ha
    5. Deleted member 24724
      Deleted member 24724
      Thanks for the picture comment!
      ^_^ I love Blues too, but my favourite would be fawn or chocolate point!
    6. Deleted member 24724
      Deleted member 24724
      Eek! Your Siamese are GORGEOUS!!
      I've got a Blue point - Jicme. You can see him in an album on my Profile. He's getting on for 9yrs Old now!
    7. Taylorbaby
      Thanks, took me ages to do it :)
    8. Acacia86
      My mogs are amazing. I won't be adding anymore though as when i do decide to go into pedigree i want to make sure i have plenty of space! As i know having cats one is never enough lol!! And thats mogs not Siamese or any other pedigree! x
    9. Acacia86
      Hi! I have to say your cats are amazing! I have always wanted a seal point or chocolate pint siamese cat. To be honest i have wanted many lol!! I never did get round to researching breeders and i now have 4 moggies lol!! Love them to bits, maybe one day i will fulfill my dream of my pedigree cats xx
    10. spid
      thanks for the friend request.
    11. spid
      wow- i've never seen an all white meezer before - isn't she stunning!
    12. Cherry24
      Yay! Piccies- will head to the cat photo section in anticipation x
    13. Cherry24
      Hey just stopping by, wondered how Gaias 'gorgeous' gods are doing? xx
    14. bluechip
      i had a seal years ago and breed her i sent her out to stud and i just love siamese, so now i have my seal girl and she is great and my two blues and i took a risk getting them but i think it did not pan out. i don't want to get rid of them as i do love them they are lush. i will have to put pickys on here for all to see them. my kittens go soon but the one i have left i am ion no rush to sell as he needs a little bit more time to catch up with his brothers and sisters. nice to meet someone on line who loves siamese as mad as i do lol
    15. bluechip
      hi i am quite new in here and just looked at your profile and i have to say i love the look of your siamese they are fab. i have a seal queen and a blue queen and a blue stud but i think the two blues i am going to have them done and see if they can settle after i have read all the post people left me.anyway i am going on a bit now.
    16. rottiesloveragdolls
      Happy new year hun ;) hope its a good one :D
    17. may
      Wishing you a wonderful new year 2009 :)
      May. x
    18. Rosieragdoll
      Thanks for the Fur gran comment!!!!
    19. isabelclark
      Hi, Just to let you know that I have managed to upload pics. They are in my album. I really don't know much about this site yet so don't know if you can see them there or not.
      I'm off to bed. Night Night.
    20. isabelclark
      Hello everybody,

      Thank you all so much for your advice. I have had my cat checked out and she is almost totally deaf. In fact the vet thinks she may have no hearing at all. I cannot understand how I did not notice. Before I went to the vet I checked myself. I was at one end of my hallway and she had not seen me. I called her again and again and she did not hear me at all and only noticed me when she decided to move.

      It is better we know she has a disability anyway. I cannot get over how deaf she is and I did not realise.

      Thanks everyone.
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  • About

    Home Page:
    Bolton, Lancs
    I am Kelly-wife to a breeder and willing slave to 5 Siamese ladies and 1 old man moggie-with form:)M

    Cats,people,reading,music and laughing
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