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Mar 31, 2021
Mar 22, 2009
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South Wales

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PetForums VIP, Female, from South Wales

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Mar 31, 2021
    1. Kaily
      Thank you for the kind words. I am sorry you too have recently suffered the loss of your beloved dog. My heart aches, I am sure yours does too. Best Wishes.
    2. OReally
      Tanks for you replay to me. :)

    3. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      There are two other manufacturers I put them on the thread you missed it I think.
      1. Jelena likes this.
    4. bobbymccaul
      Don't worry she won't find out where he is from me, they've tried already, very sefish people,

      Knowing how happy he is now gives me the spirit to tell them to...... !go away #@*<!

    5. danielled
      Buddy has been lunging nd growling at other dogs since he was attacked, I destract him with a treat.
    6. DogLover1981
      Love your sig. :D :)
    7. danielled
      By the time I saw the other dogs they were attacking my dog.
    8. myshkin
      Your sig brings a lump to my throat - found my little Shorty on the side of the road, just before Christmas, so he's in my thoughts a lot a the moment. :)
    9. Changes
      thank you for taking that time to say something kind it is what makes being part of these forums special, thank you for your lovely words x x x
    10. Dodima
      I don't have a grudge. Never met the woman before nor heard of her business.i'm just a oh lover who volunteers in Cavan but due to work live in Dublin during the week.

      I waited with the dog as both the Gardai and the Dublin SPCA told me they could do nothing. I stayed there with 2 other forks for approximately 75 minutes. At 19:10 I had to leave but was informed by staff of the gym she left at 19:20. I had tried ringing her and having her vehicle reg called out plus gym staff looking for her based on her ID as she didn't answer phone or page.
      The dog was in car for 90 mins. Laws in Ireland are not strict or enforced but if I broke the window I would be persecuted bad I couldn't have that with my line of work. I was not clicking time or standing by icky but keeping an eye on the dog hoping he would not go into heat exhaustion. There was no water and the temp in the shade in the car (or at easy my car mimicking the window lightly open like hers) was 24 degrees Celsius.
    11. tyrole
      I hope you don't mind me pm'ing you I see you rescue Bichons.
      I have a 13 week old called Bailey. Toileting is going well, lots of work to do on separation anxiety lol but he is so quick to learn and so eager to please, bless him :)
      If you any advice for me on anything related to the bichon I would love to hear it
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    South Wales


    gone to the rainbow bridge
    Mimi Susie Toby Ben and Tammy and Pippa and my wonderful Beth and my Scooby
    my forever cats Leo' Socks' Misty' and Fluffy and my Riggs
    I will keep you all in my heart for ever
    Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love they depart from our lives to teach us about loss a new dog never replaces my old dog it merely expands the heart if you have loved many dogs in your life your heart is big

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