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Nov 23, 2013
Mar 24, 2013
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Nov 23, 2013
    1. debijw
      Its good, I'm never going to be brilliant but I can play tunes (occasionally to the hilarity of whoever is in the house at the time) but I'm still learning. I've had to take a break for a couple of months as I had eye surgery and was told no straining but I should be getting ready to pick it up again within the next week or two. Thank you for asking.
    2. Silver Jill
      Silver Jill
      Hi Shiny and thank you for your friendship :)
    3. we love bsh's
    4. moggiemum
      we meet again , thanks, i love your games too:)
    5. Silver Jill
      Silver Jill
      Hi Shiny ~ thank you for your kind message to me about my beloved animals. I have seen you playing Games and I love them too! This site is very addictive! :)
    6. lozzibear
      Hiya, thank you very much! Especially for the comment about the dogs :p
    7. moggiemum
      hi, sorry ,.... there s a lovely poster called Magpie on the fish section of this forum and it says shiney in the sig, thought u might b same person, i know it sounds daft now ,..why would someone have 2 differnt personas,..sorry, do like your game though, where u d get idea from?
    8. moggiemum
      hi just playing your destroy a wish game and...... are u magpie ?on the fish forum. well just to say loving the game, hope that dosent make me weird:)
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