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Shelley Cat Lover
Last Activity:
Jul 13, 2014
Jan 23, 2009
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Shelley Cat Lover

PetForums Member, from Somewhere south of the river :)

Shelley Cat Lover was last seen:
Jul 13, 2014
    1. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      Such a cute kitty!
    2. Dozymoo
      Thanks! She's my pride and joy. But she's a randy little lady at the moment so she away on a little holiday with a stud! I see you're a blue fan too. Bentley is lovely x
    3. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Your very welcome :D
    4. kiara
      :thumbup: thanks for the rep.
    5. bellathemog
      Cheers for the rep! I get so fed up with people being so bloody nasty to others on this site. The woman needed a home for that lovely cat not a witch hunt. There are a few people on here really needs to wind their necks in sometimes!
    6. Taylorbaby
      no probs, i know :(
    7. Taylorbaby
      had SO many time wasters last year i think i made about 10threads with the stupid questions and idiots that emailed/called/visited my home.
      some people i think email as they are bored!
    8. Taylorbaby
      well, it was actually, but had 4 people drop out / dont want to wait / money issues / illness /etc, its a very long time to wait and we dont know if she is in kitten for another 3weeks! then 9weeks of pregnancy, 12weeks of us bringing them up, its half a year!

      some people want things now! others happy to wait!

      my raggie litter due in 3weeks has been fully booked, cant accept anymore people, and that was really lovely actually as they all contacted me through my website weeks ago and are looking for a kitten the time they are ready to go!

      but of course I may never hear from them again! all part and parcel, I had people wait for a kitten from me for 18months, 2weeks after they were born........they dropped out!!! 18months of emails/phone calls/visits!!! just the way it goes really!
    9. Taylorbaby
      lol! ive already got people waiting!! :scared: ones a vet nurse she emails me everyday shes sooo excited lol! :thumbup:
      will have loadsa piccis / vids when they are born! mega excited :)
    10. Taylorbaby
      lol you can always come and 'visit' when they are here haha :D :D
    11. Taylorbaby
      awww thats quite a sweet little name, midge! :)

      expecting blues and blue & whites, lilacs and lilac & white :) maybe a surprise of a colour point! :)
    12. Taylorbaby
      hiya hows your babies? I hopefully have british kittens due in 9weeks :)
    13. WindyCity
      Thank you, I am so sick of seeing Oh so holier than tho people posting all the time. Do these people never make mistakes ? Obviously not. Ahem. Oh I love Bentley Blue.
    14. Dana
      Thanks for the message you left for ages simply ages ago! I havent been here for months, but hoping to be around a lot more now. :)
    15. RockySapphire
      Hi nice pics! I especially like the ones of Mr Bentley.. he's so cute!
    16. Guinevere13
      Your Deeds looks like my Mortimer - he loves hiding in strange dark places too! I also have a grey cat - don't think she is a pedigree though :) Thanks for the friends request.
    17. suzy93074
      LOL and rightly so!! thanks he is my babyx:o:D
    18. suzy93074
      hehe! no worries hun and thanx for friend request xx:D Bentley is stunning!!!:eek:
    19. Kurlach
      You set a difficult task.. however! I accept the challenge!
    20. Apollo1
      thank you, As is your Bentley!! what an awesome name!
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  • About

    I live with my 4 wonderful cats, 2 turtles and one set of coldwater and another set of tropical fish.

    I love fast cars, pole dancing, animals and wildflife in all their fuzzy and non fuzzy forms, I'm a big reader and I love films.


    Cat slave to Bentley, Lotus, Cosworth and Vader
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