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Jan 7, 2013
Jul 21, 2009
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shazalhasa was last seen:
Jan 7, 2013
    1. tashi
      you at bridgend on Sunday ??
    2. tashi
      Thanks for that, you really must come and say hello, I dont want to walk up to someone and say hi I am Tashi pmsl did it one day and got the wrong person
    3. colliemerles
      Well done Rusty, you must be very proud.xxx
    4. Natik
      thank u .. :)
    5. katie200
      awww thanks for the info its been helpful
    6. katie200
      thanks for your help what is a lhasa apso temperment like and do the have lots of health problems because im thinking about getting a little dog so im looking up some breads to see what dog would best sute my sort of family inclueing the cats lol but your dog is lovely looking
    7. katie200
      awww lovely looking dog is it a lhasa apso because im thinking of getting one and was wondering if they are good with cats and where you would get there fur clipped do they nomal do it at the vet or at a speacal place and what do they eat if you could help with any of theres i would be greatful but i think your photo is lovely
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    My fabulous furry friends
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