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Dec 18, 2008
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    1. noushka05
      Even I don't recognise half of em on here lol. I am pleased to hear Zach is well - & calmed down:eek: - who'd have thought it? hehe. I cant say the same about Noush I'm afraid, shes still a little devil:devil: lol. All my lot hugged & give Zach boy a big cuddle from me. Thank you for my little pep talk - I will try, but I just get so peed off at a few so called animal lovers defending animal cruelty all the time. Your last sentence is very wise & true, but don't worry though, I am getting out in that sunshine. I have 2 allotments now Shaz! the big one, apart from an enclosure for the huskies, we're going to turn in to a wildlife haven. I'm very excited about that! Hope you & Zach have a great summer , look after yourself xxx
    2. noushka05
      Aw Shaz what a lovely surprise this is, I have missed you:o. Have to say, I often wish I wasn't still here:D Can you believe even DT only pops occasionally these days? :eek: hehe I just cant seem to break the habit of what seems a lifetime, im so weak! lol - and I'm not always very lovely these days either:o ive become quite cynical & disappointed with some in my old age lol

      Thank you so much for popping to ask after us, most of my lot are ok, except my lovely Luna, shes ageing so fast she looks so old & frail now bless her. Hope you & Zach boy & all your loved ones are well my dear friend xxx
    3. noushka05
      just dropped by to say ello & hope youre okay :) xxx
      How did it go ??? xxxx
      sending a hug xx how sad :0( xx
    6. noushka05
      I'll let you know what he advises as we as we do xxxx
    7. MissShelley
      I've gone down the reverse psychology route. Just agree with everything said :D Others will read the sarcasm, but the poster won't lol x
    8. MissShelley
      Fanks for the rep hon xx
    9. noushka05
      No, im afraid not Shazzy, he wasnt on at either of his practices today. Hes got a few clinics next week but not when my oh's going to be available unfortunately. Gosh hes so hard to get hold of these days :(, that in itself really worrys me, i just dont trust any other vet like i do him. I'll keep trying till i do get him though... I can be 'very' persistent lol xxx
    10. noushka05
      aw thank you for being such a good friend xxx
    11. RAINYBOW
      lol thanks, se is bugger to get a picture of. She is either flat asleep or a fuzzy blur.
    12. noushka05
      Theyve had to cut down the hours where my hubby works so hes off on friday, hes going to try and get to speak to our vet, i cant do it because i cant talk about what happened to Indi without getting upset. I'll let you know what he advises lovely xxx
    13. noushka05
      when they tested Indi's blood they said her lucocytes(i think) were slightly elevated but not off the scale so not a concern, but the concern was it picked up her pancreas wasnt right, so they did a further test for pancreatis, which came back positive. Even then my good vet was just going to treat her for pancreatis, it was only when he felt her stomach he thought he could feel the mass & that it had caused the pancreatis, the scan confirmed he was right. So im not sure i'd even have faith in a blood test for Shadow an Noush, i dunno what to do Shaz:(. xxx
    14. noushka05
      its miserable here aswell, hope it clears up a bit before we take the dogs, not that it bothers them , they aim for puddles! lol
    15. noushka05
      Im a bit up an down, the dogs seem okay, but ive got paranoid now, if one seems or does something a bit different im worrying there might be something wrong, we're contemplating taking Indi's sisters to have a scan to see if they have what she did so we can catch it in time, but it means shaving their fur,putting them through sedation, we're going to try and get hold of my good vet (hes semi retired) to see what he thinks about it.
    16. noushka05
      hiya ive just messaged you lol, how are you?
    17. noushka05
      Shaz, those things you said about me were lovely, thank you xxx
    18. newfiesmum
      Thank you for the rep. x
    19. Dogless
      Thanks for the rep, very kind! x
    20. Malmum
      You're welcome. They make great rugs and if your washing machine is big enough you can wash them in there too - cleaner than an ordinay rug if you don't mind the paw prints, lol.
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    Sh & Zach


    Lifes too short for drama and petty things, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly:biggrin:
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