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Mar 21, 2016
Jul 7, 2011
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i work part time in a DIY store

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PetForums VIP, from Kent

sharonchilds was last seen:
Mar 21, 2016
    1. Trixie1
      Hiya Sharon:)

      Trixie is much the same. I have found Happy Cat cat food which is for Cat's with CRF and she seems to like it!! Woooo Hoooooo!! still looking for other foods just for a bit of variety, No, I also find the website very confusing! so I must be a bit dim too!!:) Archie really is lovely Just look at those blue eyes no wonder the others spoil him, he deserves it:) How is he doing? Is he eating OK?
    2. sharonchilds
      How is Trixie eating? any better?
      Archie is the ragdoll and the black cat is one of my females who loves him to bits, she washes him all the time! He loves it..lol
      The others just tolerate him..haha i think they are jealous because he is so handsome!
      I find the website a bit confusing at times! But i think that is just me being dim!!!
    3. Trixie1
      Hiya Sharon,

      Thank you, is that Archie in your picture? He's a so cute:) Really hope you find a food that he like's soon, why do Cat's have to be such fussy eaters! have you found Tanya'a web page useful?
    4. sharonchilds
      Hiya, Archie is much the same, will only eat dry food at the mo. He dosent like the renal dry food either!
      She is very pretty
    5. Trixie1
      Hi Sharon:)

      First time i've been on here for a while, just got your message, her name is Trixie and I just have the one, I'm still struggleing to get her to eat the Renal diet! I've bought lots of different types but she just won't eat it she's more into senior cat food at the moment.

      Thanks for asking, How is Archie doing with his new diet?
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    i work part time in a DIY store
    I live in Kent with my husband and 6 wonderful cats.
    I have 2 grown up kids.


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