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Mar 26, 2018
Apr 15, 2012
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Mar 26, 2018
    1. sid&kira
      Nope you can slip the line through the brushbow :)

      The reason the scooter/rig set up is the shortest is because these have brushbows, with canicross you need space to stretch your legs, for bikes you put it around the stem so need extra length to accomodate the wheel :)
    2. sid&kira
      Heya, i've only used one with the front suspension, the wheels on pawtrekkers are quick release so you do need to make sure they're tightened properly like you do on a bike!
    3. sid&kira
      Hey hun,

      Yes they're adjustable, usually by about 8-10" but if you want a bigger range you just put the range in the measurement box (e.g 28-42") and I will make it to that size :)

      There should be some on the facebook page, I havent done one with the flower padding but it is very pretty lol, I have a picture of it I can send you :)
    4. Wyrd
      Hi, unfortunately I lost all my martingale and half check collar pics when my computer crashed. The half checks have a chain on them, whereas the martingale is all material. I can do both styles with a buckle or a slide and clip (although if you have a very strong dog I would reccomend the buckle fastening for extra security). I do make harnesses out the material, I can do a Y style harness, or a breastcollar style harness :)
    5. Waterlily
    6. pogo
      For some strange reason the price of chicken/duck feet, tongues whatever changes ALOT like when i first went about 6 months ago it was £1 per kg of chicken feet! I wouldn't stop going as like i said prices change alot.
      Glad you found some goodies though!
    7. pogo
      That's the one i go to off of bramall lane. They aren't cheap but i get chicken/duck feet from the freezer section for about £2 for a kg bag.

      There is also the fridge bit near the tills where if you go at the right time, they sell trotters, racks of ribs, whole chickens, lose bones etc etc for pence
    8. pogo
      You have to email them for the delivery price list and then email them your order :)
    9. pogo
      Hey I get pigs heads, bones etc from a butchers called Battys on chesterfield road in woodseats :)
    10. sharloid
      Oh thanks for replying. We're Sheffield and I think we have a Crawshaws here. Would you mind sharing the link for the tripe? Also I saw you mentioned you got boxes of carcasses from a factory? If you can give me any details about that I'd be grateful.

      Thanks :)
    11. Sleeping_Lion
      I just buy my chicken from the local butchers, and they give me lamb bones for free, it's one of the Crawshaws branches, but I'm sure if you shop around you should be able to find somewhere willing to do you a deal. Tripe is another matter, the supplier I had for green tripe has stopped doing it, but I've been recommended a few on facebook. There's one that does it incredibly cheaply and you place your orders on their facebook page, cheapest we've found, works out at 28p per lb. Hope that helps :)
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