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Mar 26, 2018
Apr 15, 2012
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Mar 26, 2018
    1. DirtyGertie
      Thanks for the link, I'd not heard of that before. Reading the article it seems as though it was council run crems. I would imagine that private ones do their own thing, it's on Aber crem's website that they are individual. Makes me glad I chose Aber, it was chosen for it's beautiful setting more than anything, there are three I could have used but all about 1.5 hours away but no other in such a lovely place with such a beauiful view.
    2. jerseyjulie
      Hey Sharloid, sorry for the delay we went away on a very last minute holiday. I have taken the button off but the brown around the eyes isn't possible I'm afraid or at least I don't know how to do it! I've attached a photo so let me know if this is ok.
    3. jerseyjulie
      Hey there, just wondered if you had made a decision re the husky I had made. Let me know either way if poss. Thanks
    4. jerseyjulie
      Hey there, I have made the browny coloured husky and have attached a picture. Will you let me know if you like/don't like it. Don't want to make the second one if you think its rubbish :o)
    5. jerseyjulie
      I will get on it this afternoon! :o) Let me make them first and show you the pictures and then you can let me know if you like them enough to buy them!
    6. Symone
      I know :(
      Think they might be related at all?
    7. Symone
      So, looking for a malamute rescue and I came across this little girl.. She looks like exactly like Kindra. Even the same markings by the eyes.

      Roxy – 10 month old female Alaskan Malamute dog for adoption
    8. Pixieandbow
      In the village where son goes to school there is a dog the same colour as kindra...absolutely stunning!!!
    9. Kidbriar
      Hi I posted yesterday I had some DAF beef chunks for sale - I'm in Doncaster and wondered if you we're interested
    10. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      - just wanted to day I think Broder has the sweetest, most lovely face. What an utterly beautiful dog!
    11. Symone
      What about sticking a friend by the door? It's what I did when recall training Shamaya :D
    12. Symone
      Okay, finally got an answer!
      He said most places would need a good drive to.
      He said for a field, there's one near the A57, it's apparently near the uni?
      And there's 3 parks, south - south west of sheffield ; Norfolk Park {Granville Road} (That's south) Endcliffe Park {Rustlings Road}, Bingham park. {Greystones Park} (South west)
    13. sid&kira
      If its not too thick then yea im sure I could, if you want to buy a little bit and send it to me and i'll try it before saying for definate as I wouldnt wanna charge you for collars if it wouldnt work!
    14. sid&kira
      ummm can't say i've ever heard of it, what's it like?

      Could probably do most fabrics but the thickness is an issue, it cant be too thick or the collar wont adjust easily :)
    15. Symone
      Just thought that I would let you know that I haven't had a reply back yet :(
    16. Malmum
      I put a post up for you on the dog walking thread. Post number 36 in case you miss it. ;-)
    17. Symone
      If you want I'll ask my friend of places that he knows of? :P
    18. sid&kira
      2m from you to dogs with 1m split - £12
      3m from you to dogs with 1m split - £15

    19. sid&kira
      is it just for walking? if so I can do you a coupler, any length you want :)

      neckline would probs be too short and annoy them if they both want to sniff different things lol

      Dont get one from pets at home! I got the biggest and it broke with 2 small dogs! Just glad it wasnt the sibes!
    20. sid&kira
      I do, I will put it on this evening, just waiting more rope so i can do multiple dog lines lol
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