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Oct 9, 2013
Feb 2, 2009
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Jul 16, 1995 (Age: 26)
Altham, Lancashire, UK
College studying Diploma Level 2 in Animal Care

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PetForums Senior, 26, from Altham, Lancashire, UK

ShannonLouise. was last seen:
Oct 9, 2013
    1. danielled
      I love that nintendo ds to bits. I'm lost without it. I've got pf to keep me company though.
    2. danielled
      My day has been ok apart from my nintendo ds is broke and on friday my sister took it to be fixed and I'm missing that.
    3. danielled
      I know don't know how I did that and didn't notice. I was sending a pm to bullet and he made a joke out of it which made me giggle.
    4. danielled
      I can't spell today spelt most of a pm wrong earlier today.
    5. fishtankswimming
      Hi, that's fantastic news hun. Your Grandma must be sooo pleased. By the sounds of it, Tess will be running around soon.

      Yea, me ok - busy weekend but fun. How's you?? xx
    6. fishtankswimming
      How's your Grandma's kittie doing? Glad you are feeling a lot better hun. Hope you had a lovely relaxing weekend. Mine was ok, still busy unpacking with kits getting in the way at every opportunity lol x
    7. fishtankswimming
      Fingers and paws crossed the antibiotics will help her. Hope your weekend was good and you are feeling bit better. x
    8. fishtankswimming
      Oh no hun, that's a shame poor kitty:( . Can they do anything about it? Give her a big cuddle from me n lots of meows n toys from Midnight and Noodles xxx
    9. fishtankswimming
      Thats good - hopefully you'll be up n about very soon ;)
    10. fishtankswimming
      Oh no hun, hope he gave you some antibiotics and that you start to feel better real soon. I'm in Jersey lol
    11. fishtankswimming
      You definitely need your wellies in this weather. Its snowing again here lol. Sorry to hear you've been ill hun, you need to keep warm, Whereabouts are you? You take care of yourself and get better. x
    12. fishtankswimming
      Sounds lovely. Weekend ok, just been packing as moving next weekend lol. Hope your weekend was good
    13. Miss.PuddyCat
      I would defiently say it has a spot up there. I went and saw It's complicated last night with a friends, was very funny and the food in the movie looked very yummy to.

      That trip sounds like it will be a blast! Ooo I love calico's! I want to have one of my own on day. I may get one when I get my Sphynx as they come in calico and name her Stitches. Stella would defiently fit a little madam.

      Soda is the baby here, shell get somewhere then meow for you to come get her. Decker is extremely indeptdent from everyone but will cuddle up at your feet.

      I bet you cant wait for September to come till you get your kitten, youll be counting the days.

      Yup I can't wait to move out I defiently need my own space. I can understand having a small room as I share my closet space and what not with my mom who sleeps on a pull out couch downstairs.

      I got one name tag, one brush, laser pointer, one big cat nip mouse, cat nip tennis balls, one fishing rod thing, I think that was it. There alot of animals,cats,snakes,lizards,people with there dogs there, birds, hamsters, rats, gerbails. Maybe she doesnt want you to walk out of there with a new pet, I was very tempted to :D

      Hope you have a fun weekend. :)
    14. fishtankswimming
      Brilliant and the name Stella is lovely. Bet you can't wait hun. Look forward to pics when you get her. Time will soon fly and before you know it, she will be with you x
    15. fishtankswimming
      They look absolutely adorable. Wow 4 of them - lucky you, wish I could have more, but not feasible at the moment lol.
    16. Miss.PuddyCat
      Sounds like are cats are pretty hard headed lol.

      oooo Avatar was great. I got to go see it in three D with my dad on christmas Eve. Was really good and got sucked right into it. My brother said the three D glasses dimmed down the colour (he went and saw it the week before in two D) but the colour was bright and beautifull.

      So I give it a big thumbs up :)

      I bet you cant wait for your new Kitty :D thats awesome.
      Have you thought of a name? Are you gonna stick to Blue/Black and White cats? My piece of adivce with girls is be ready for a little madame!

      I'm doing pretty good just getting things sorted for moving in ten months and I'm gonna on a trip to a big petstore tommarow for the first time in yrs. So I can wait lol

      How about yourself?
    17. fishtankswimming
      Thank you hun. Midnight and Noodles. They are brothers and are just over 8 months old now and their eyes are orange/amber hee hee. I love the white nose on yours. What his/her name.
    18. Nicky09
      Thank you :)
    19. nurseberyl
      oh he is a total nightmare!! but the most loving cat I am so lucky. you are so lucky to have so many cats living with you!
    20. nurseberyl
      thanks! he is a cutie, i keep meaning to post another pic, as he is over 7 months old now and has grown so much. he was about 8 weeks in that pic i think! he was so tiny! you have lovely cats, especially mia - my daughters called mia!
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    Jul 16, 1995 (Age: 26)
    Altham, Lancashire, UK
    College studying Diploma Level 2 in Animal Care
    The name is Shannon and I'm a 17 year old student. I'm currently studying Animal Care Level 2 and I will be finishing soon. I have a big family of animals and ofcourse my human family, I also have a fiancé.

    Animals, friends & family, art, socialising, xBox360.


    Toby, Mia, Harvey and Marley (Cats)
    Tommy (Bearded Dragon)
    Ruby and Henry (Rabbits)
    Gizmo (Parrot)
    Bella (Dog)

    Is missing my baby boy Noah, been missing since April 2011. (cat)

    Run Free;
    Tommy, Molly, Tinkerbell and Bambi (Cats)
    Meg, Fudge, Chocolate & Looper (Hamsters)
    Snowie, Demon, Snowflake & Daisy (Rabbits)
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