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Oct 9, 2013
Feb 2, 2009
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Jul 16, 1995 (Age: 26)
Altham, Lancashire, UK
College studying Diploma Level 2 in Animal Care

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PetForums Senior, 26, from Altham, Lancashire, UK

ShannonLouise. was last seen:
Oct 9, 2013
    1. fishtankswimming
      Hiya. I've not been on for ages either lol. Christmas was good, how was yours? Fur babies doing well. Little Ozzy getting bigger lol. How are yours? x
    2. fishtankswimming
      Thank you hun. Sorry not been on for a while - went into hiding. It was a great shock and we are both still missing him.

      Hope you had a good Christmas and are keeping well xxx
    3. fishtankswimming
      Have a great Christmas hun xxx
    4. fishtankswimming
      Aww poor Noah. That's a real shame hun. Welcome to a loving home Marley.
      We have had a bad week. Midnight passed away last Friday and Noodles and I are missing him so muchxxx
    5. fishtankswimming
      hi, yes I do remember you. How's things? I've not been on here since early March either lol. We are all fine. Not been upto much. How about u n yours?
    6. Jackie99
      Hi, thanks for the 'like' appreicated :)
    7. LouJ69
      Hey, just wanted to pop by & say happy birthday! Hope you enjoy your day x
    8. fishtankswimming
      I think you should be a holiday rep and have fun while you're young enough and in a few years (when you got some money) you could open your cattery hee hee :lol:. I only get mine weighed cos its included in the quarterly check ups and as I'm there I get the vet to weigh them.:thumbup:

      Don't forget to buy your fur babies pressies when you are away and to give them loads of hugs too :). Just remember to take deep breaths and you will be fine. Remember your headphones too lol. But I bet you will be so excited about going, you will be grand.
    9. fishtankswimming
      Wow - that's a lot of family lol :eek:. How often do you see them? It must be great to catch up with family :). You definitely need a holiday, especially after all that hard work you have done with revising and your exams :D. I'll have a look and see what relaxing music I have on my iPod and let you know - if you want?

      Poor Noah and Toby :(, hope you gave them cuddles lol. Tell me about it, my two are not the norm at all. OH says its not surprising, just look at their Mom hee hee :o. That's a good plan with your Mom's mate coming in twice a day and the cat flat too. How lovely of Harvey, I bet Oscar is loving it and also will be learning too. I'm sure Mia and Toby will come round lol.;)

    10. fishtankswimming
      Midnight and Noodles are doing ok - they don't like this weather though and even though they've been on a diet, they have put a little bit of weight on lol. Vet said that's no problem but to keep an eye on them. Midnight weighs 5.5kg n Noodles weighs 5.3kg, but they don't look fat. Must say I am looking forward to my holiday - counting the months hee hee.:)

      Well, if we don't speak beforehand, have a wonderful, wonderful holiday.:lol: xxx
    11. fishtankswimming
      Can't you ask someone to look after Oscar when you are away and then get him back when you come back lol?:) I'm sure that Toby and Mia would get used to him and its good that Harvey and Noah are not too bothered with him. Will you be able to put some pics up - would love to see him and the others too.:D

      Fingers crossed for the end of August and am sure that you will get the results you want. Travel and tourism sounds good and you should be a holiday rep - just think of the places you would get to see. At least if you open your own cattery, then you can have as many cats as you like lol.:D

    12. fishtankswimming
      I'm sure you will have fun in Turkey hun, especially as you have, what sounds like, your whole family with you lol. Are you staying with family or in a hotel? Bet you are getting excited. :D Try not to worry too much about flying - if you can, get some sleep on the plane (that's what I do) and I find that does help. If you've got an Ipod or something similar, download some relaxing music to listen to as well. Have a search on the web for Paul McKenna's "fear of flying" and see if you can download it, if not have a listen on Youtube - that might help lol.;)

      We're still waiting for our thunder storm - its sooo clammy here but it has been raining hee hee. Oh dear, no watering the garden then, how long is the hose pipe ban on for? My two love the thunder n lightening and also fireworks !?!?!? :confused::.

    13. fishtankswimming
      Bet the thunder and lightening cleared the air though :lol: How did your fur babies cope with it? Weather here has been absolutely brilliant :thumbup: Sunshine and heat lol. Mind you I'm off work tomorrow and Monday and I bet you it will be crap :mad:, especially as I am planning to spend most of the weekend on the beach. Going to France for the day on Saturday with the other half and his son.

      Off to Croatia in October with my Mom for a week, should be fun (she's 71 lol). She does forget that I have to get from Jersey to the UK and back though - so its more money and travelling for me, but hey ho really looking forward to it. Bet you have a wonderful time in Turkey, get loads of sun and fun in and look forward to hearing all about it.

      Have fun and enjoy the summer xx
    14. fishtankswimming
      Helloo. That's a shame that you don't get access to computer much:frown:. What are you studying at sixth form? I never went that far - stopped going to school as soon as my exams were over lol. When do you get your results?

      Why don't you keep Oscar, especially as he's Toby's identical - 5's not a bad number hee hee. How is he getting on with the others?

      Poor Harvey and Noah - hope Harvey's infection clears up soon. Yea the bald patch and weeing was due to stress :(. They are more relaxed now they are at home. Going to vets next Monday for their quarterly check-up and boosters, so will ask him about the bald patch - hopefully it will grow back. Smell is nearly out of my handbag (but still got another one - good excuse eh hee hee). Couldn't tell them off as I don't know which one had done it and I didn't see it till the next morning, so they wouldn't know why I was telling them off.

    15. fishtankswimming
      Welcome back - bet you're glad you have finished now and have a long break :D lol. What are you studying in College??

      Glad both Harvey and Noah are fine and you are def right to take Noah back, it doesn't sound normal to me.

      My babies are better now - they got rather stressed when I was staying at my mate's looking after his kids - 3 weeks of it lol :(. Midnight has got bald patch on one of his back legs and one of them weed on my new handbag. Think they prefer it at home hee hee. Mind you, they have both got very clingy now and follow me around everywhere and hate it when I leave to go to work - they block the front door and wont move :lol:.

      Weather is great here too, but not had much time to go out in :frown:, but things are gonna change he he.

      Nice you are back hun and give Harvey and Noah a cuddle from me and meow meow from Midnight n Noodles.

      Take care
    16. crazybones
      hi. i cant remember if i have asked you this before but who owned tiffany???
    17. fishtankswimming
      Hello - just a quick note to wish you and your kits a very happy and sunny bank holiday weekend :lol:x

      How's Harvey x
    18. fishtankswimming
      .......Definitely scarey - I can't leave them alone on the balcony - so they can only go out when I am there, so its their loss hee hee.

      Didn't realise you were still at school oops, sorry :D. How are you getting on and do you like it??? x:devil:
    19. fishtankswimming
      Can just imagine Noah and Harvey conspiring together:devil: lol. Aw Mia is a daddy's girl, bet your dad loves that. That is lovely they all get along well . Midnight and Noodles do love to chase & attack and then hide & pounce on each other, but never hear any sound out of them other than the ocassional squeak. They also love jumping on top of the kitchen cupboards :yikes:eek.

      Can't feed my two off same bowl. Midnight just guzzles his down and then starts on Noodles' food :thumbdown:. Noodles just lets him and then looks at me hee hee. Took them to the vets last Thursday and apparently they are very tall/long for moggies (well they do reach up to my hips) and now weigh about 5.3k each, so have to go on diet ha ha.:lol:

      How is Harvey after his op? Hope he was running around. That's good that you call them in, in the evenings, its safer that way. Wow Toby is definitely a hunter, bet you love all those mice lol. x
    20. fishtankswimming
      I can only imagine what a shock it was to find Molly :(
      They are all similar in age then - how do they get on together? Brilliant - would love to have seen Noah at the vets, poor doggies lol :p
      I'm sure they will - mind you they do love the balcony (try n jump it :mad:) and going in the hallway, so one day hopefully.
      Good luck Harvey for tomorrow - sure you will be ok :thumbup: Meow meow from Midnight n Noodles x
      Don't blame him running back in - its a big scary world out there lol :). Do the others like going out???
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    Jul 16, 1995 (Age: 26)
    Altham, Lancashire, UK
    College studying Diploma Level 2 in Animal Care
    The name is Shannon and I'm a 17 year old student. I'm currently studying Animal Care Level 2 and I will be finishing soon. I have a big family of animals and ofcourse my human family, I also have a fiancé.

    Animals, friends & family, art, socialising, xBox360.


    Toby, Mia, Harvey and Marley (Cats)
    Tommy (Bearded Dragon)
    Ruby and Henry (Rabbits)
    Gizmo (Parrot)
    Bella (Dog)

    Is missing my baby boy Noah, been missing since April 2011. (cat)

    Run Free;
    Tommy, Molly, Tinkerbell and Bambi (Cats)
    Meg, Fudge, Chocolate & Looper (Hamsters)
    Snowie, Demon, Snowflake & Daisy (Rabbits)
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