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Sep 27, 2017
Jan 30, 2011
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Sep 27, 2017
    1. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      The headcollar thread is becoming surreal! Thank you so much for posting again on it and for understanding that I would never use anything on my dog that upset him - I think you're the only one who seems to actually get this :)
    2. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Thank you so much for your kind words on the headcollar thread - I really appreciate it :) You're the only person posting there who seems to realise I would never use anything that even slightly distressed my dog!
    3. Dober
      Hehe, the paw wacks are definitely a dobermann thing! Rupert tends to do that to me first thing in the morning when he gets in the bed :)

      At the moment when she bites me I scream for real because it's so painful! She's only been here a couple of days so early times to tell if it works or not, she had been stopping for a second and I've been redirecting her into one of the tuffies toys. She had her mouth on everything at the moment and into everything! Total sweetheart though.
    4. Dober
      Aspen is now biting me in places I didn't know I could be bitten LOL

      Today I had a nap in the afternoon with her on the sofa (after her raising hell all day!) to be woken up with her mouth wrapped around my nose and she'd got her teeth UP my nose! I now have a bite mark INSIDE my nose Ahaha!
    5. Pointermum
      Hi just reading the thread on the poorly lab and wanted to say sorry for the loss of your two cats :( i lost my cat Harry to antifreeze poisoning 2 years ago , it makes me soo angry that the companies still don't bother to make it taste bitter :mad:
    6. ouesi
      Thanks for the rep :)
    7. tagalong
      I agree i find that although they mix happily with furries that they also do like each other's company -Poppet was due to come with her sister but sadly she died and so she came alone -she's growing now after a very bad start and is healthy and happy with year old Polly the double rex girl and Cookie and Muffin the neutered boys but she will enjoy young company as she is still a baby in her ways.
      I think Nicky is helping with some too (in Plymouth )--I know this is frowned on by FR in general but tbh they are alive and in need -OK he will probably breed more but who knows the future -he may not due to 101 reasons yet to come none of us can predict !
    8. tagalong
      Hi pleased to see you are going to help home some of the feeder babies -I know they will have a great life with you -teeny tiny is set to come to me -she will be good company for Poppet the tiny hairless rescue i got recently
    9. xkimxo
      Hi many thanks for offering my lone baby boy a home but he has kindly been offered a new home by another member. Also just wanted to say your website rocks :) ive been thinking seriously about rat rescueing and appreciate how expensive and time consuming it is, and after rescueing the 5 rats im more determined than ever its something i want to do. Im not going to go on some mad spree collecting up free rats btw, im going to go by pretty much the same policy as your website says.

      Fellow rat lover,

    10. manic rose
      manic rose
      Hi :) just wanted to say I think your website is great. Was one of the places I would visit when looking for info before first getting my rats.
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