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Shadow And Lightning
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Apr 28, 2016
Jan 18, 2012
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Shadow And Lightning

PetForums VIP, from Liverpool,

Shadow And Lightning was last seen:
Apr 28, 2016
    1. moggiemum
      s&l im so sorry your relative passed away, please give my condolences to your family, i was leaving a message for canknukil when i seen yours so sorry x
    2. lostbear
      Is this the little one that your sister has a down on? It's jealousy! I'm envious myself, and I don't have to see her and covet her day after day!
    3. lostbear
      Good - not that they don't already know, but it's always nice to get an independent opinion :).
      Babies are so wonderful, and she is a little star.
    4. lostbear
      Wanted to rep you for the pics of that gorgeous little baby, but wasn't allowed. Dhe's a sweetie!
    5. DT
      Do you really think I am bothered what others see ?? Really! carry on ranting subeam! As far as I am concerned when I went to bed last night the topic was done and finished with! But you, contine to drag it out don't you! You and your self claimation of being peaceful! NOW!! I am going to tell you once more about my post regarding dogs! I WAS NOT and never have suggested that muslims beat dogs!! GOOD GOD there are cruel people in EVERY race!!!! What I was pointing out was that we have rules relating to animals suffering and slaughtering in the UK and that IF anyone slit their animals throat then they would be procecuted!! YET in the name of religion this is how they prepare the meat they eat! and Im not just on about Muslims, And don't accuse me of being racist against muslims pl because you are bang out of order! Now don't message me again because I am finding you annoying .
    6. DT
      BUT! if you feel that I was harassing you then that was definitely not my intention xxxx
      What I was trying to demonstrate was that we needed to draw a line somewhere.
      Anyway, no one hurt and no harm intended. so chin up, all forgotton
    7. DT
      I prefer to keep anything I say out in the open thank you , then there can be not then there can be no confusion regarding what was actually said,
      thank you for your message
    8. lostbear
      You're very welcome :)
    9. SnazzyJazzy
      Thank you for my rep x
    10. Treaclesmum
      You did the right thing for that cat hun, I think some people are just stirring, but u did all the right things xxxxxx
    11. Flamingoes
      Just saying I hope you're okay sweetheart xxxx
    12. Nithnell
      Thanks for the rep x
    13. RabbitMonster
      Glad to hear he's on the mend :D

      There are plans to get another 6-8 cats :D but only after I've finished uni and I've got my students debts paid off and my own place. Until I'm completely settled and financially stable, I won't risk it. I already have 2 in mind though :D

      Yeah, you really did have quite a kitten season! I saw your photos of them from last month, my word they've grown! When did they get so big?!

      I hope your neuter scheme works, I do feel terrible for all the strays atm, it's so cold! I do wish people were sensible and looked after their pets properly :nonod:
    14. RabbitMonster
      I hear ya with third year, it's horrible. I have a 3,000 word essay due in on Thursday, haven't even started. Have another 3,000 word essay due for next Wednesday and I'm flying back to to England on Monday so I'm fast running out of time!!

      Glad to hear your lot are doing well! How's Shadow's neck, any improvement or results on what it's caused by?

      Leave the Turkey to defrost in the oven, use string to tie the door to one of the hob switches or the doors of the cupboards next to it. Might work? :lol:

      Molly's had to be rehomed. I got her a new foster not long after the kitten incident and she's been so happy there. Because of the amount of uni work I've had, I've not been able to get a job, so I offered her to the foster on a permanent basis and she jumped at the chance, so that's Molly's forever home now :)
    15. RabbitMonster
      Oi! Where have you been missy?! How are the furballs? :D
    16. RabbitMonster
      Woohoo, that's a great start! :D Fingers crossed there's continuous improvement :)
    17. RabbitMonster
      How did Shadow's appointment go hun?
    18. chatartigpep
      Has anyone suggested harvest mites?? i have a black cat too she has the same looking problem as your poor cat but not quite as bad. She is 13 and for the last 6 years has had this proble. She used to have a steroid injection from the vet and she would get better but the last couple of years she has become immune to them so now dont know wot to do. Just wondered if anyone had talked about this??
    19. RabbitMonster
      Hmmm how strange. I hope the specialist can throw more light onto it. As you've said, it doesn't sound like anything to do with fleas, otherwise he would've had it as bad before. Weird.
    20. RabbitMonster
      Hopefully he'll be seen soon and it's nothing too serious. It is strange how he only does it when you're around, perhaps he is attention seeking? Has it gotten worse since the kits arrived?
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    Student in second year of pharmacy, have got two male kitties, they're nearly 5 months old, and constantly active and also got a bearded dragon last week!


    thanks to pheebus for my lovely sig!

    Shine a light for every soul that aint with us no more
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