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Nov 5, 2014
Aug 11, 2009
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Nov 5, 2014
    1. Sprocker Dave
      Sprocker Dave
      Happened to come across a post from you, and thought I'd take a look at your pics - I think I've found my dogs doppelganger!!! Dave is 18 weeks old and I think I can tell exactly what he's going to look like when he's an adult from your pics. Olly is gorgeous :-)
    2. Dogless
      Welcome; great to hear how much more you and Ollie are enjoying each other!x
    3. swarthy
      Many thanks for the rep - much appreciated :D
    4. Horse and Hound
      Horse and Hound
      He is! He's fab, so full of character its untrue, just what I expected from the cross personality wise. Looks wise...hmmmm!! He looks more cairn cross than anything, but if you put a pic of him next to Heidi, they are same cross, he's very like her so must be a throw back in the genes!!
    5. Horse and Hound
      Horse and Hound
      OMG how RUDE is that post, asking if i'm too Poor to afford a pedigree?!
    6. theevos5
      Thannks for the rep,hope u stick around and don't leave I will miss seeing pics of your gorgeous Ollie xx
    7. sequeena
      Ah thank you xx
    8. sequeena
      My first rep in 2 months, thanks LOL! I've been away too long.
    9. hawksport
      I'm not leaving but things are getting a bit heated. Even Chillinator got a ban today
    10. hawksport
      The way things are going I might be gone soon and just wanted you to know that before I went. Take care and enjoy your dog
    11. hawksport
      You're welcome.
      A while ago I was quite rude to you and for that I would like to apologize, it wasn't necessary and you didn't deserve it.
      You've come a long way with Ollie, it's not always been easy but you never gave up and for that you have my respect. I hope you have many happy years together.
    12. Malmum
      Thanks for the rep. Don't think i'd ever have a dog that wasn't spayed/neutered in the future - one litter was more than enough and I still cry for them at times now - big baby! Don't know how breeders can part with them on a regular basis!
    13. Devil-Dogz
      Thanks You :D
    14. yorkshiregirl26
      its on members galleries and click on my username and theyre on there they were pretty young on the pics i got some recent ones to put on comp soon theyre 11 months and 7 months :) hes a handsome boy your dog
    15. yorkshiregirl26
      hi im new to this but is your dog an english springer spaniel ifso i have 2 very lively black and white ones x
    16. Mum2Alfie
      Doing well ty hun. They are learning as they go and I am proud of them. :)
    17. Mum2Alfie
      Hi hun. How are you? Hope you are well. Glad to see you back and seem very refreshed. Glad to see Ollie doing so well.
    18. GoldenShadow
      That sounds brilliant I'd love to live out in the country with lots of furries too!

      Hoping to do Business and Management at Aston, they need 340 points (so AAB or A*AC or A*A*D basically) but Ofqual have just announced they recommended to all the exam boards to award many less A*'s so I could be out with nowhere to go, Thursday will tell lol x x
    19. GoldenShadow
      That's brilliant, are you hoping to set up your own grooming business at some point?

      I'm awaiting A Level results on Thursday to find out if I get into uni or not, very scarey lol! Hope you're having a good weekend x x
    20. GoldenShadow
      Hello! Don't blame you re the long line and Ollie, I'm very much the same with Rupert! He turned 2 the other day but its constant panicking when he's offlead and I'd far rather have him onlead and safe than offlead, having a slightly nicer time but in danger of getting hurt. I've been told to just get on with it etc but we know our dogs and if its worth it or not :)

      Was it dog grooming you were getting into, how's that going? x
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    RIP David xx Run free at the bridge. Love you always xx 19th February 2011
    RIP Jack and Mickey xx Run free at the bridge. Love you forever xx 20th June 2011
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