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Oct 6, 2015
Sep 13, 2010
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Oct 6, 2015
    1. Dober
      Thanks for the rep :)
    2. Mrs White
      Mrs White
      Hi, Public transport is a nightmare here, with the exception of a few routes.Especially coming here from the coast is a day's work, I think.If you had a car it might be an interesting place to visit, though, depending on what kind of stuff you like to do.

      My Dogo cross would be a big disappointment lol as she stopped growing at a midget-tastic 24 kg lol. I think she has thrown to the Pit side much more. She's a lovely athletic girl but she's just a rescue mutt at the end of the day! I went to a national Dogo show last year and they are huuuuge generally nowadays.

      If you want to know more about them there's the DACA website!
    3. Mrs White
      Mrs White
      Ok, if you get inland at all (this visit or in the future), give us a shout. It's a beautiful place here in the mountains.
    4. Mrs White
      Mrs White
      Hi, we're in the sierra de grazalema about 1 hour from Seville and 45 mins from Jerez. Are you about here, too?
    5. Dogless
      Kilo is a scaredy - may have been the shifting sensation of the beans that he wasn't sure about. I really don't know! I have been looking at Tuffies too! How is Mia? Any better?
    6. Dogless
      Kilo hates it! It is now in the loft. The longest that he ever spent on it was about 10 minutes. I tried adding beans, taking them away etc - they come in smaller bags so you can vary the amount. When I was 'tough' and left it as his only option for one night he cried and cried until I gave in and took it away. It was a very expensive mistake indeed - bought it as we used to have our own beanbag in the lounge that he liked lying on.

      Currently he has an XXL memory foam mattress from PAH which is lasting really well and he loves!
    7. ballybee
      Lol i never got any photo's sorry, my camera's been playing up :) Great vibes, the breeder and i seem very like minded when it comes to dogs(she's very pro neutering but i can live with that). Spinones are definately a breed for us, they're so gorgeous and lovely :D x
    8. ballybee
      Lol we went down to the borders and met a breeder, spent 3 hours with her, took all the dogs(not the GR as he is iffy with dogs, entire or not) out for a good run where we got to see how different spinones are(very, they're so chilled it's unreal) and we got lots of spinone cuddles too :p
    9. ballybee
      Awww, i do like English pointers but they're just too boucy for me!!! We met 3 spinones and a GR today...what amazing dogs, i so want one :D
    10. ballybee
      Lol i want both but if the rescue rehomes him before i can apply for him then i have an alternative :) I have trucker wellies, they're steel toecap ones designed for farm life, very comfy but a bit heavy :p
    11. Shrap
      Thank you for the rep :D xx
    12. Daneandrottiemum
      Just the one in my sig, i've only got the one. We're in Southampton, how about you? :D
    13. Lori Angel
      Lori Angel
      Hi, thanx for advice i had posted in wrong part of the forum, have put in breeder section now awaiting advice
    14. AlisonLyn
      You have the right sort of dog if you work imo as large dogs generally don't need the exercise smaller ones need(obviously not in all case but many). Our girls are pretty laid back and have their own little hierachy which is funny to watch and they are very placid mainly so 90% of the time it isn't the bedlam people imagine.
    15. AlisonLyn
      We got five girls and they are either terrier crosses, mongrels or Staffy crosses, all rescue dogs and just adorable
    16. AlisonLyn
      She is gorgeous. If we were having big dogs I'd steal her off you lol
    17. AlisonLyn
      Hi is Mia an Italian Mastiff? We have one down the road from us called Mia
    18. Big Guy
      Big Guy

      Yes there seems to be lots of other breeds, but not many Danes. Deco is 16 weeks and fluctuates between being really good with being really naughty. Then we have to remind ourselves how old he really is. Lots of funny quirks though. We're in Shropshire, how about yourself?
      Regards, Rainey
    19. springerpete
      Hi. Thanks for the comments, Ive been using a couple of 400Ds for years, they're probably well out of date, but what the hell, they do all I need them to.
      Hope to speak soon. Cheers Pete.
    20. springerpete
      Hi, welcome. Noticed you'd visited my page, just thought I'd say Hi.
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