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Jul 23, 2010
Feb 20, 2010
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Jul 23, 2010
    1. cheekyscrip
      just foun ur tread on castration - if interested in my story c the posts - how anobodyever said anything against it when I was seriously doubtful as whether to castrate my rescue dog -and the aftermath of this - now my dog is worried and scared of other dogs - not so before - when weeks after adoption was playing with other dogs happily...walks are much less fun now and it is difficult to exercise him...
    2. Hennish
      haha thanks! Sorry it took me a really long time to reply! Ooh I'm not surprised... what is your dog's name? :)
    3. Spaniel mad
      Spaniel mad
      Yeah i do think they teach them. Storm had pups last year and i kept one, Shes the 8 month old and she likes to try and push her luck. If they are all eating and she wants theres they will growl at her and she just sits there staring, she knows that the growl means back off you are in my space. Kaydee my other springer is Breeze's grandmother, Breeze's dad was kaydees son if that makes sense lol. When Breeze gets out of hand Kaydee steps in, runs up to her and growls in her face so Breeze goes to her bed. Its weird but its like they have their own language.
      If it was me and another dog was growling at mine i would step in. If mine are growling at eachother i leave them as i know they know what it means but if i was you i would step in and say NO. So she knows that the growl means no but im sure plenty of others on here would disagree with me but if my dog like yours didnt know that growl means back off i would rather step in then get it bitten all the time
    4. Spaniel mad
      Spaniel mad
      OMG bless em. We always let Mum be with her babies as much as she wants
    5. RockRomantic
      already read it x
    6. Spaniel mad
      Spaniel mad
      Aww bless her. The dog should learn eventually but they can be stubborn lol. My worst fear is that the cat would run off from the dog chasing. Im sure in time when they are out of teenage stage they will calm down
    7. RockRomantic
      what thread was it x
    8. Spaniel mad
      Spaniel mad
      When i brought them home i basically put the cat in the same room and they did hide and chase at first but the cats let the dogs know when enough was enough. My springer pups is the worst. shes 8 months old and still tries to chase them but the others are not bothered
    9. RockRomantic
      yeah but not been on it for a while x
    10. RockRomantic
      lol what did you say?!?
    11. SEVEN_PETS
      he's around 15-16 inches tall at the wither. he's a medium-large cocker spaniel. :)
    12. Shamen
      i might give it a miss things like that play on my mind forever:(

      Defenders of Wildlife - Protection of endangered species, imperiled species, habitats these are excellent check them out:)
    13. Shamen
      is the video on youtube very grapic? because i can't bare to see them killing the wolves ive seen awful videos before of them ariel hunting a pack of wolves, the look of utter despair on the wolves faces broke my heart:(
    14. Shamen
      i despise palin! shes vile!!! ive just replied to a thread in general chat on 'global warming' ive posted about the 'safari club':mad:...it mentions her war on wolves:mad: i'd like to shoot her and the rest of the blood thirsty bunch like Bush his dad and the evil butch otter!:mad: monsters!!!!
    15. Shamen
      it certainly will be a very sad day for wildlife if the tories do get in power:(

      ive put the link to the 'earthlings' video on my signature its very thought provoking, lets hope all people start showing some 'humanity' towards our fellow earthlings, the world would be a far nicer place thats for sure:)
    16. Shamen
      Hiya:) i'll go and take a look at the youtube video:)

      tbh i dont know how people can call themselves animal lovers then go out and kill some of them, glad theres people like us who arn't selective in which animals we care about.

      i love that oscar wilde quote aswell, its so true:) and your profile pic is fab!
    17. Clare&Oscar
      He's a German Shorthaired pointer, a very hectic one!! There is a social group for GSP owners, if you join it there are some great pictures of all our GSP's. I know exactly what you mean by yours driving you crazy, collie x springer seems a very energetic mix.
    18. Agility Springer
      Agility Springer
      aw good to hear! fingers crossed for her xx
    19. Agility Springer
      Agility Springer
      Oh no :( fingers crossed its nothing serious x
    20. Agility Springer
      Agility Springer
      Oh im sorry to hear that, whats wrong with her? :( xx
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