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Jan 21, 2011
Sep 15, 2008
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Maidenhead Berkshire
Wife, mother, nurse, cook, cleaner, nit picker, la

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PetForums VIP, from Maidenhead Berkshire

SeaThreePeeO was last seen:
Jan 21, 2011
    1. Taylorbaby
      no probs i love your cats tash :D :D i want one haha :D
    2. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Your very welcome thanks for the laugh :D
    3. hobbs2004
      Thanks for the rep. Hope you find a solution and perhaps EPO is a simple one. All the best for your little mite!
    4. tylow
      Thanks for the rep
    5. Kammie
      Thanks for the rep!
    6. suzy93074
      Hiya havent seen u around for a while ....hope u ok xx
    7. 3 red dogs
      3 red dogs
      but your doing ok now and enjoying your time!??
    8. 3 red dogs
      3 red dogs
      Just popped in to say i'm Glad the respite trip went well hun.. long may it continue!
    9. sequeena
      Thanks for the rep! x
    10. dobermummy
      Thank you for the advice, was good to know she will be ok.

    11. dipdog
      lol found you always get mixed up with everyone having one than one name x
    12. purrlover
      thanks for the rep ...dont spend to much tho lol ..julie xx
    13. MySugar
      You're welcome, well deserved for posting that link, I love it! :)
    14. Natik
      thank u for the rep... :)
    15. Ladywiccana
      You are very welcome huni
    16. borderer
      ya welcome chuck
    17. suzy93074
      HAHAHA! that made me laugh out loud!!:D :D Think I will start calling mine that! - thanks for clearing that up for me ;)xx
    18. suzy93074
      Hi there! just a quick question lol, Ive noticed when you are posting sometimes you put DH when speaking about your partner - what does it mean??? Im probably going to feel really stupid when you tell me!pmsl but its really bugging me!:D
      Thanks suzy xxx
    19. Guinevere13
      PS the cat in your avatar looks exactly like my Esmerelda!
    20. Guinevere13
      I am sure it is fine, they are quite hardy in a fragile way - if you know what I mean! I found a blackbird who had flown into a greenhouse at an aviary which had owls etc in. I took it to the keeper but he wouldn't help it (swine!) so I had to leave it somewhere safe and hope for the best. I checked on it before we left and it had gone so I am assuming it was ok. You did your best :)
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    Maidenhead Berkshire
    Wife, mother, nurse, cook, cleaner, nit picker, la
    What can I say about myself? I really hate filling out these things as I never seem to be very good at it.

    Well, lets start with name and age first. My name is Nicola, I am 30 and a stay at home mother to two wonderful daughters Anastasia Leanne and Amy Louise Daisy. We live with my husband Vincent in a three bedroom house in the South East of England.

    Wife, mother, nurse, cook, cleaner, nit picker, laundry woman, nappy changer, zookeeper, hostile situations negotiator, kisser of boo boos, sex goddess, accountant and general dog's body

    At the moment we share our home with Missy a Galah Cockatoo, Izzy a Congo African Grey, Shen our black Labrador, Thomas (Satan in furry slippers) our black moggy, Charlie Barley and Mo the goldfish plus 10 Danios and Honey and Mustard the Dwarf Lop Rabbits. As you can probably tell we're a family of animals lovers, well okay, just me then!

    I am an outdoorsy kind of gal enjoying nature but I have been known to enjoy snug

    Doushikai Shotokan Karate 7th Kyu Red Belt (although I haven't been back since having my second daughter). Walking everywhere and anywhere. Housework or trying my best to avoid it. Festering on the Internet and general slobishness.

    Researching family and social history. The supernatural and ghosts. Comic books, reading and writing my own short stories. The history and culture of modern day and ancient China and Japan. Martial Arts. Nature and animal care. Parrots and reptiles. Collecting many different types of dust and cobwebs and playing guess the funny brown stain on the carpet. Going out and meeting new friends.


    "Because I be what I be. I would tell you what you want to know if I could, mum, but I be a cat and no cat anywhere ever gave anyone a straight answer."​

    ~The Paw Relations Blog~
    Owned by :-
    Izzy - Congo African Grey
    Missy - Galah Cockatoo
    Shen - Black Labrador
    Thomas, Charlie and Lola - Cats
    Honey and Mustard - Rabbits
    Gill and Rocket - Goldfish
    ~ Rest in Peace ~
    Deedee - Timneh Grey 31.05.01 - 22.06.06​
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