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Nov 15, 2009
Mar 9, 2008
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April 1
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PetForums Senior, from Dorset

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Nov 15, 2009
    1. ImbackAlly
      I LOVE Savannahs!!! :D <3
    2. Warriorkat123
      awww. wat a cute kitty.
    3. SmellySocks11
      omg animalcarer11 is blowing her top. She's trying to buy a persian for 100!! then she gets angry at every one...blow her!
    4. SavannahKitten
      Hi Lara

      Certainly sounds like it should be a boy for her if she doesn't take to girls.

      I would stick with Bengals - if you do get a more laidback breed then once that cat is past kittenhood he/she won't understand Betula's need for speed! I would also stick with kittens because the alternative is an older male Bengal, and there may be problems introducing them - and if they get off on the wrong foot they are unlikely to be friends later on.

      We are low on boys at the moment. We do have Jensen, but he's currently being sold as a show boy as we think he'll look greatttttttttt later on. Jen and Sean are likely to have boys too - and the temperament of their cats is great (so is ours of course!).

    5. crofty

      Im after abit of advice.... I really would like to get Betula a playmate. She doesnt like other females however is rather found of a male cat that pops his nose through my letter box now and then. I think you know Jen and Sean who I got Betula from and they said they think she would take to a male kitten. Shes so playful and bombs round the house on her own id really love her to have a playmate thats abit faster and more fun than just me ;) lol.

      What are your thoughts? I would love another Bengal but am considering another breed that may be more laid back for her? She quite likes chatting to this moggy male through the letter box and i feel sorry for her. She doesnt react so kindly to female cats (shes gone at bars in her outdoor run).

      Would appreciate your opinion,

      Lara x
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    April 1
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    Cat lover and breeder specialising in the exotic cat hybrid - the Savannah


    Beautiful Bengal Kittens from Dollycats
    Beautiful Savannah Kittens from Teardrops Savannahs
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