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Nov 4, 2009
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PetForums VIP, from Surrey

Beagling Aug 22, 2015

    1. Beagle Mafia
      Beagle Mafia
      Don't think its open to polite innocent ladies you'll have to spice your posts up :D
    2. Beagle Mafia
      Beagle Mafia
      Awww messaged tashi?
    3. Beagle Mafia
      Beagle Mafia
      where did you stay when yu met ur mates?
    4. suzy93074
      sorry to hear u got chicken pox hun! hope u k take care of yourself xxx
    5. KathrynH
      Thanks for the rep x
    6. dobermummy
      hope you are not feeling too poorly

    7. shetlandlover
    8. BeagleOesx
      Yep it's my two lol. Have seen pic of his newfie on website and he looks gorgeous, Willow in comparison to him would be tiny! I got a couple of those Stag Antler bars to try as Harvey totally destroys any 'indestrutable' toy we have ever got him. Both of them love these bars and Harvey goes mad for it trying to get the marrow out. I think we have actually succeeded in getting him something he can enjoy without destroying.

      I hope you're not feeling too poorly today with your suspected shingles.
    9. sarybeagle
      Ah I saw a pic on his website and said I know a willow and Harvey. DH didn't believe me but I looked through your photos and same one is there so DH had to eat his words lol!! We met him at training last weekend, very nice man and Elvis his newfie is gorgeous xx
    10. BeagleOesx
      No. Only know of him thro the Big Dog World website with ordering StagBars for my 2.
    11. kaz_f
      Thank you for the rep hun. I hope things get better for you soon. Lovely pics of your Bella by the way it's really cool that she likes your rabbit :) x
    12. Helbo
      Bella is gorgeous xx
    13. lexie2010
      gorgeous new pics of bella!
    14. ZeusBeagle
      Really really well :-) I met her on friday, and I was really worried because it was such a miserable rainy day, I was convinced she was going to blow me out, but alas she was already there when I arrived at the park. She has a 4 month old Rotti and a 3 yr old Jack Russell Shitzu cross and as soon as we arrived Zeus was playing and rolling around with them. We went for a nice long walk and it was great because I could let Zeus off lead as he stayed with his new pack (most of the time lol only had to get him back twice!) and we had a good old chat - you can tell she really loves her animals and she works part time at Battersea, and on top of that she looks after another beagle regularly too!!! So he is all booked in for the dates we needed and feel so much better. We all got on so well we're going out for a walk this friday too lol! She's local too, only 10 minute drive away! So I'm really happy, thanks for asking about it x x x
    15. theevos5
      We too have been thinking of getting a playmate,but I am abit unsure at the moment,I don't know whether to go down the rescue route or get another pup,also with having the house in France,taking 2 dogs over is a serious amount of boot space lost in the car,when we went over at Christmas Alf had more room than my kids! Reading other posts,I am so glad we have come out the other end of the teenage tunnel and we are all still together,it has been touch and go at times,take care and keep updating us on your news,its nice to keep in touch as they are the same age
    16. theevos5
      Hi Sarah,sending you 2 messages cos got lots to say!lovely to hear from you and how well Bells is doing,I have been in contact with an agility group here but they want serious commitment from me and I don't thing that I can give it,I just want to have abit of fun with Alf and stop him being a snooze monster.His recall is doing really well,with me he is on a long line but not held,but with OH he is off totally,I walk with a dog walker most days so he is more inclined to stay with the pack,but when he does run off,he comes back to the whistle,which is amazing considering at one stage we thought he was deaf!lol! He too is sleeping all the time,I have to wake him up several times a day and put him outside to wake up,as we had a problem with him being awake all night a couple of months ago,so we make a conscious effort to make sure he is awake during the day for a least a couple of hours,but it is so hard,you see him outside,sitting up,falling asleep!
    17. shetlandlover
      We seem to agree alot :D
    18. theevos5
      Hi Sarah,did you ever take Bells to agility?Just wondered how you got on,as its something that I am considering doing with Alf,as he is turning into a right snooze monster!
    19. DoubleTrouble
      I am not going to argue about it with you, if you read my post I do say it is very sad, and I do believe it is very sad, the reference I made in respect of the dolphins was what sprang to mind I did think when I posted it that it wre quite heartless (and will admit that maybe it was out of place) but feel that I still do have the right to say what is on my mind! Not that I am against human beings of any colour creed or race but there are some that have skeletons.
      Again I stress there was no malace.
    20. DoubleTrouble
      Whatever comment I choose to make was done so without malace!
      I do no need a sermon!
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