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Apr 10, 2011
Jan 22, 2008
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PetForums Senior, from hertfordshire

sarasquares was last seen:
Apr 10, 2011
    1. sarasquares
      They are so adorable it will be hard letting them go but i want a choc chi so its for the best. You must have your hands fuller than me lol. Mine are so easy, they pee on the paper everytime but are now trying to escape lol. x
    2. Paws&Claws
      Love the new pictures youve posted :D They are soooooo cute!!! Hope everythings ok with u xx
    3. Paws&Claws
      Hey! Hope Lilly and her pups are doing great! :D
      Id love to see updated pictures if you havent already posted some :o x
    4. EmilyMarie
      Hi! I was just paying your page some respect and wanted to know how miss Lilly was doing? I'd love to see some updated pics of the little boogers :)
    5. sarasquares
      I am off to eat something to soak up the wine, have a good evening. Sara
    6. Sylvestris Kennels
      Sylvestris Kennels
      "Lol, no problem
      I will squeal when i read this tomorrow, i only had 2 glasses of wine "
      Well you better not drink too much more or you'll have a sore head tomorrow!
      Thanks for the fun posts I'm off to badminton training.
    7. sarasquares
      I put Lilly on the puppy a week before the pups came i think. My head is empty tonight lol. I added a tiny bit of chicken chopped up tiny so she couldnt pick it out. I use Butchers. I use Butchers natural nutrition in small square tins for the normal food. It has high Vitamin A that stop Paris eyes watering and i use the puppy food for Lilly now. I wouldnt use anything else so i cant advise but i know that the food mine are on is good for them. Lilly has really bad stinky farts at the moment as she is eating so much lol. Try not to vary Bambi's food too much or she will get the squits :D

      Pups are so cool. They are tri coloured, brown black and white. I love them so much and Lilly is such a good mum, very content. All of Lillys were massive and she screamed with the first and second one. The first one had a very big head because of its problems but she managed. When she was pushing i could feel the base of her vulva was solid. It was the pup before it came out, amazing x
    8. Jayzee
      How are the babies doing?????
      Im sooooo envious Bambi still doesnt look like she is going anytime soon but hopefully fingers crossed by mid week, i keep moving the post everytime i get my hopes up, then nowt but again as long as they are healthy thats the main thing, was Lilly on puppy food from 5 weeks till birth, my chihuahua breeder friend says that RC puppy food can make the pups too big and then be a harder delivery for the girl but ive had Bambi back on puppy food since the scan but i have to say i am getting a bit concerned that they are gonna be massive lol x
    9. sarasquares
      Thanks, i cant stop smiling x

      The lady that has the stud dog has a chinese crested, only about 3 months old. She also has one that is crossed with a boxer i think :D
    10. crazycrest
      You are so very welcome...you did great x
    11. sarasquares
      Hi, sorry, i didn't realise i had a message lol. All yesterday afternoon Lilly kept going out for a wee. she would do one then walk a few steps and have another one, then she would walk back in. I would follow and when i got back in she had already gone out of the house the other way for more wee's :D She didnt want anything other than chicken to eat. She was keeping her belly empty in readyness. I didnt like the thought of her being hungry. She did drink more though. Just before she started pushing she thought she needed a poo but i think thats when it started. I hope i am not too late with advise, fingers crossed, i will be thinking about you x am off to be with pups but will check in
    12. Jayzee
      I know you will be really busy right now but can you tell me at what point did Lilly start clearing herself out before she was in full blown labour, Bambi had diarhorrea today for the first time, she hasnt eaten much and her temp was 37.0 when i took it this evenin, im just not sure if this means labour is imminent????????? XX
    13. sarasquares
      No worries i will post her every fart :D x
    14. Jayzee
      Awww thanks so much, i know where you are coming from Bambi doesnt want to leave my side at the minute and i get the vibe too that she trusts me and only me, i hope im right when the time comes but obviously they are similar characters, just mummys girls, female intuition and all that. lol. Im confident we will be fine, im just a worrier by nature. Keep me updated and good luck xx
    15. sarasquares
      I am on cloud nine, i cant wait. Lilly is so into me. everytime i go near her she gives me her belly. I hope she wants me close to her. I need her to trust me 100% so this time is very important. Everything shouls go ok. We have both got well prepared and we can get advice off here if we are not sure. I will take her temp again in the morning. I dont want to disturb her too much, dont worry, we will do ok x
    16. Jayzee
      I know im soooo nervous, are you????????? Im just worried that everything goes alright for her, i have the vets number at hand and rang them today to say her temp was 37.7 and they said she would have pups tonight but then i was reading about Lily and realised this could go on for the next couple of days, so the vet is on the ready if she needs a section but i really hope she doesnt as it would be hard on her after. Cant wait tho, im excited to. Keeping an eye on Lilly as i reckon she will defo go before Bambi so all your info on your thread is helping me. X
    17. sarasquares
      She is not doing much at all now. She is a bit restless but she may just be uncomfortable. Being so small you notice everything about them because they are usually on your body somewhere :D
    18. Jayzee
      Hi there, hows lilly doing now????????????
    19. Little Missy
      Little Missy
      Thankyou, for all the advice! :D
    20. archielee
      Is you girl pregnant
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