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Jan 3, 2010
Jun 1, 2009
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I live in Scotland

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PetForums Member, from I live in Scotland

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Jan 3, 2010
    1. Leanne1993
      Hi sarah my names Leanne, I noticed your dog Thomas and fell in love! do you still have him?
    2. LabWorld
      Hi Sarah. I bought engraved ones for Monty from Pets at home and they wore off too. Now he has proper military style dog tags from DOG-TAGS.co.uk : Dog Tags, Military Tags & Army Tags You get 2 sets for £5 and that includes delivery!!!
    3. Molly's Mum
      Molly's Mum
      Hi, yea I was a little shocked when I saw her today, a couple of the others have started to open there's as well x x
    4. LabWorld
      Hi Sarah. A big thanks for putting my logo on your site!!!!!!:D
    5. Molly's Mum
      Molly's Mum
      Hiya, yea she does look like her mum, this is the little girl that I am keeping and yea she is gorgeous x x
    6. Molly's Mum
      Molly's Mum
      Hi honey, thanks for the lovely comments. No not keeping the little 2, what I meant was they are the smallest of the little, I am probably keeping Surprise Sunshine although think it's a bit early to tell. I would love to keep them all, they are our babies x x
    7. Jen26
      hi sarah , ill pm you later iam at work at the moment . iam using the internet on my phone and its rubbish x x
    8. LabWorld
      Thanks for the nice comments!!! Sebastian and Teddy are gorgeous!!!!
    9. Sylvestris Kennels
      Sylvestris Kennels
      Sarah, thanks for your e-mail recently, we do breed - but we are having a year off at present as we have a new bitch, we hope she will whelp in the future, it depends on her hip/elbow scores.
    10. Jen26
      god he sounds too good to be true ! ted likes alot of fuss too , hes a sod for licking you, labs have that poor little puppy expresion down to a t ! i cant resist those eyes ! sure u will know what i mean x x
    11. Jen26
      ill do him a snack and pack plenty of red bull, its around a 5 hour journey to you so i think he will need it . i would have loved to come but with lulu expecting i cant risk being out for so long. we can all meet on the walk though, it looks like a lovely place . i think the next 2 weeks will drag, were going to have so much fun when he gets here, i just hope he likes us , he is bound to miss you for a while , we will give him lots of hugs though x x
    12. Jen26
      the pics are brill.in some of them he looks just like our ted, he really is a stunner! i will save them on my computer so we have some pics of him. thanks for putting them on. x x
    13. Jen26
      teds friend ruby always takes all the balls so ted is used to sharing. i really want the next 2 weeks to go quickly. x x
    14. Jen26
      Hi Sarah I just have 4 at the moment, Lulu is the one that is expecting, its her 1st litter so Iam very excited and nervous. Nevs markings arent the best really, tricky is his brother and he has really clear markings. They are the ones that keep boxing poor Ted lol. How is Tom today?
    15. Jen26
      This is ted at about 3 and a half weeks

    16. Jen26
      Omg, hes gorgeous, this must be so hard for you to part with him
    17. pollyandus
      Hi Sarah, I just wrote a reply to you and somehow lost it in the ether. I was talking about Beauville and Honey. We had a camper and always took them on holiday with us, they travelled from one end of the UK to the other. I was looking at some old video of them at the Lakes and wanted to take a still photograph of them coming out of the water carrying the same stick, Beau on one end and Honey on the other, all excitement, only trouble is the stills don't come out very clear from the old analogue video, not like digital. Honey was a lovely girl but very nervous, small for a lab. My niece bought her as a pup to show, but then decided she wasn't good enough to show and wanted rid of her. That's how we came to get her, unfortunately my niece doesn't consider dogs as part of the family like we do. As for Polly, our adopted cat, she gets me so on edge when she bites the kittens. She's supposed to be teaching them but, if she is, she's teaching them NOT to play, NOT to walk, NOT to venture out of the box and NOT to try to climb back in. She seems to bite them for doing all those things, it's very confusing and I'm in a permanent state of worry. Any advice would be gratefully accepted, we've only once before, years ago, had a cat, and he was a neutered Tom, no kittens to savage!
    18. LabWorld
      You are welcome! They are both lovely. Thanks for your nice comment about Monty. I love him to bits!!!
    19. JSR
      Sorry wasn't online yesterday. What a shame! At least they found out straight away though. If they've been used to an old dog it's always scarey taking on a young nutter!! Fingers crossed for the vets assistance she sounds a more suitable home.
    20. Jen26
      Thanks Sarah, I love them too. Ive just recently got my 1st home bred Champion, Iam over the moon about it. Ted loves the cats too, he doesnt mind sharing his bed with them, They will soon put thomas in his place if he steps out of line lol. They have given Ted a wallop a few times lol :)
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    Home Page:
    I live in Scotland
    I am a web designer, i design sites for dog breeders mainly labrador retrievers. I also make stud photos, pedigrees, kennel movies DVDs. I love Labs and I have 4 at home here!

    Computing and time with my dogs!


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