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Oct 12, 2013
Nov 9, 2010
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La-La Land

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Oct 12, 2013
    1. emmaviolet
      love the pics of puppy bella, absolutely gorgeous!
      i do love sammy pups!!!!
    2. beris
      Heidi was obviously very badly treated as she was a case dog so it isn't surprising that she doesn't like people. The RSPCA didnt give me any background information other than a puppy farm and going to court, I can only assume she was in a bad state when they rescued her from farm. However, She is well looked after now and she has given me a lot of pleasure. She does have all the samoyed traits, very stubborn!! and definately thinks she is still a puppy, Ha ha. My daughter has an 18 month old welsh springer and a 7 year old black lab. The lab doesn't play but Heidi thinks she is 2years old not 10years old when playing with the springer and I have to watch her as her as she has a bad left hip. I walk her twice a day once on the beach and once in the country park, at 7/8pm at night she brings me her toy to play with. It took a long time to show her how to play. I have never left her on her own as I take her everywhere with me, no buses where I live so have to have a car.
    3. beris
      Hi please accept my apologies, senior moments, I have just realised that you have a Samoyed as well. Bella is beautiful. Heidi is my first Samoyed. I grew up with dogs and always had two a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever. I did working trials with my shepherd and obedience with my goldie in 1960/70/80's. Seems a long time ago now. Just happy to rescue these days.
      Would you like to tell me about Bella please?
    4. beris
      Hi Thank you for comments on Heidi. I think she is beautiful as well. She is a rescue dog taken from a puppy farm and a court case with RSPCA. She had no fur when I first saw her, didn't know what I was getting but I couldn't leave her in the kennel at RSPCA. I have had her 6 years this year, although I have worked very hard with her she still doesn't like people, it took 12 months for her to accept my close friends. I am a widow and Heidi is my soulmate. Thank you once again for your comments.
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