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Oct 2, 2009
Mar 22, 2008
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Plymouth ,Devon
catering ,online marketer

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PetForums Junior, from Plymouth ,Devon

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Oct 2, 2009
    1. sammy1
      Yes they are lovely dogs and if i had a bigger house and more money i would have more.
    2. DKDREAM
      OMG you lucky person i love Cavs dont have one though lol
    3. cav
      hi rooney is very poorly today please take a look at my thread?
      rooney going the vets?
    4. sammy1
      Oh yes i know the feeling seem to clean for ever and like you say dogs hair is getting ever where.

      Yes i have had a couple of emails from one of the familys who brought one of the puppies but not from the other family which is a real shame.
    5. cav
      hi yes i am always cleaning up after kids and dogs never ending:rolleyes:how are you dogs in the heet?
      mine are shedding so much hair and it is on everything been hovering all morning.
      yes it is lovely she is going to get a cavalier.
      do you still see and keep in touch with your pups?:)
    6. sammy1
      well i was helping hubby out last wednesday onwards at the naval base museum where he helps out.
      The weekend just catching up with housework.
      last year when we went on hoilday my eldest daughter stayed home so she looked after jubilee and winston and the year before my mum looked after them and winston destroyed her garden so she said never again ,but he was a puppy at the time and now i have the same with the 3 little monkeys doing the same in my garden lol.
      If we do go on hoilday this year my other daughter is staying home and going on hoilday when we return.
      Could never put them in kennels would break my heart i would rather not go on hoilday then do that.
      OOOO so puppies in the future then how exciting ,did you see jubilee and winstons family history ,have named all the homerbrents they have and they both have the same gggreatparents how weird is that.

      I liked the news as well that the family have choosen a cavvie as their pick ,brillant choice i have to agree.
    7. cav
      :)hi what have you been up to at the weekend?
      i have been to see stud dog (one used last time) as he was not as shows so let them play and run around and have fun for a while,can not go much because he his quite far but try take her a few times in between so they become good friends:)
      what do you do with your dog when you go away do you use kennels?:)
    8. sammy1
      well least yours go out lol ,winston will rush out go and come back in and so will jubilee at a push but the puppys no way lol.
      But jack likes it when i am in the shower he pokes his head under the shower curtain and ends up soaked lol.

      Gosh no , i have winston and lady on our bed at night ,Bob sleeps with my eldest daughter and jubilee and jack with my eldest son i would not have it any other way ,all the puppys are dry at night which is good.

      When was maisey born because she is around the same ages as the puppys ,they where born 22nd dec
    9. cav
      mine are all house trained they were all realy good but maisey my little 17 week pup still carnt hold at night yet but she is still young.
      my dogs hate the rain they run out do the business and run and scratch back door to be left straight back in
      (they are wimps with water) do you dogs sleep with you at night or down stairs mine are in my bedroom except for maisey until she is dry at night?
      people think i am mad for taking them to bed what do you think?
    10. sammy1
      Hiya ,yea sorry ,naught of me really.
      Yes doing fine puppies keeping me busy as always and we are starting to see a improvment in Bobs house training as he was being a subborn bugger and refusing to go in the garden and thought the house was better for him.
      But we have worked it out ,well i think and since sunday he has done very well ,lady and jack are doing well with their house training ,but don`t like the rain.

      Does yours like going out in the rain ,or after its rained and the floor is wet ,i said to hubby i will have to buy then little doggie booties lol
    11. cav
      :)hi are you ok
      you have not posted for a few days:)
    12. cav
      great pics sammy 1
    13. cav
      hi sammy1 how are your babies have you been out with them today
    14. cav
      hi click on cavrooney go to my page and you will see join social group
    15. cav
      hi i have sent a friend request as you seem to be cavalier mad like me.
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    Home Page:
    Plymouth ,Devon
    catering ,online marketer
    i am owned by 5 cavaliers ,i am married and have 4 Teenagers

    Computers ,family ,pets ,friends


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