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Feb 18, 2013
May 17, 2010
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PetForums Member, from Somerset

Rubyrubes was last seen:
Feb 18, 2013
    1. springerpete
      Hi Rubyrubes.
      Been a while, thought I'd let you know I'm picking up my new pup tomprrow. A golden retriever, He's going to be named 'Flyte. Quite exited at the thought of training up a new pup, it's been a while.
      Hope all is well with you. Cheers Pete.
    2. maizie0_0
      Hey Elaine.... hows Tilly? x
    3. Rubyrubes
      Oh I see, is there anyone else that can pop in to see her, maybe mid morn or mid afternoon? but im sure lots of dogs are left whilst people work, its just reality and has to be done, people cant be at home all day long and reckon as Elsie is still little she will adjust and just get used to it! She will prob be fast asleep when you come back for lunch to see her and you wont have any worries! Fingers crossed you get the job :-) xx
    4. maizie0_0
      When we have our dinner, she goes in her crate with door shut, she barks for a few seconds then settles. But then she knows that in 1/2 hour she will be let out again. If I get this job I am going for, its 9am to 5pm with an hour for lunch, walking distance so planning to let Elsie out during lunch. But thats a long day to be stuck in a crate, thats my worry. In the kitchen she has all that space xx
    5. maizie0_0
      Oh no... poor Tilly and poor you having to clean it up!!! Not sure what we are going to do about crating her again, I'm not really comfortable about that as she is used to having kitchen to herself. She is so good at night, just sleeps in her crate with crate door open.... not a problem. Its when we go out. So we are looking at taking double doors off and putting extra large dog gate there... not too happy about it but what can we do. Another suggestion was to put perspex on door, but then what if she chews that?! xx
    6. maizie0_0
      Hi Elaine. I have still got a bit of Hills left so was going to order a small bag of skinners and mix that in next week. I have been giving her them as treats here and there and she seems to love it. I put some duck and rice in one hand and the crunchy in the other and she wasn't fussed!!! Mind you that doesn't surprise me... shes taken to biting the door now!!! Looks like I am going to have to start to crate her again, up until now she has been in kitchen with crate door open.

      Glad Tilly is doing well on the food and she seems to like it! Are you using duck and rice or the crunchy? xx
    7. manda&ruby
      Hi thanks your dog is lovely also. We have had Ruby for just over a month and she is 12 weeks now and full of beans and mischief! Love her to bits though!
      Yes Ruby is a full springer and both her mum and dad are working gundogs. How long have you had your springer?
      Manda x
    8. Rubyrubes
      oh no im sorry to hear about Elsie, its awful when they arent right! Is there any consistency to it at all? my vets gave me a sample pot and the lid had a spatula attached,have you got one of these? luckily Tillys poo wasnt mega runny when i had to do the samples (just softish) so just scooped it up,lol! If you havent a pot, when you see her going to do one could you maybve either put her on a puppy pad or some newspaper then scrape off whatever she does?
      Sorry im not much help,how long has she been runny? let me know how you get on at the vets. Im waiting for the results from Tillys samples,think alls fine as poos all normal again!
      Elaine xx
    9. maizie0_0
      Hi Elaine

      Just after a bit of advice seeing as you seem to be the expert recently in dealing with puppy poop!!! Elsie has VERY bad diarrhea, its water!!!! I have to take a sample to the vets this afternoon, how the hell am I going to get one?!!!!! xx
    10. maizie0_0
      Trouble is everything is so expensive, and while I would like to give my dog everything to make her happy, I have to think about the pennies. Burns, Orjen and like for like are so expensive. Elsie was really suffering last night with her teeth, at least I think thats what it was. Whining for about 2 hours. I came down and saw her and made sure she was comfortable but I feel like I need matchsticks for my eyes today!! Elsie normally has two walks a day, one around 1pm when I get home from work for about 1/2 hour and another about 6ish for about 3/4 hour. It depends really, weekends the walks are longer and always off lead. During the week they aren't off lead. Elsie loves the beach but won't go in the sea yet, shes not sure about the waves!!!
    11. maizie0_0
      Poor Tilly. She really has been in the wars hasn't she?! Elsie is on Hills and doing great on it, although I seem to be getting a bit of a battering from people when I mention it!. Its personal choice at the end of the day and if she is happy on it and doing well then I don't want to change it. Every dog is different! Elsie is doing well, definately getting bigger, she can be like tigger at times which is a problem we are trying to sort out. Also digging of the lawn! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm! Teething causing her problems, in pain and bleeding bless her! What food is Tilly on? x
    12. maizie0_0
      Hi, just wondering how Tilly is doing? x
    13. Charlottex
      Sorry Elaine, I am being a bit of a numpty lately. I thought I wrote on your wall, but turns out I wrote on my own... Sometimes I think I have doggy brain as opposed to baby brain lol. How is little Tilly doing? Has her stomach settled? xx
    14. Charlottex
      22-08-2010 09:01 PM - permalinkCharlottex
      I dont want to jinx myself Elaine, we are feeding 75% soaked Wafcol and 25% Chappie. I just hope it sorts itself out. Will keep you posted for sure! I say perfect poos, they are the hardest they have ever been and we will just have to see how the process continues.
    15. Charlottex
      Hi Elaine,
      After much debating in our house, we actually am weaning Hendrix off the wafcol and am feeding him a bit of chappie, we have been soaking his biscuits for 20 mins until completely soft and have been mixing in the chappie. We have had 3 days of perfect poos. I dont think he can digest the biscuit. We went to our neighbours house and he made a beeline for the kitchen and discovered him tucking into her dogs Nature Diet. We were expecting runny poos, but nothing... I dont think he has any intolerences, but it is early days and who knows. But he is the best he has been for a long time. I had my reservations about putting him on such a poor quality food, but if it works I really dont mind.
      Glad to hear Tilly is doing well. We had some samples from Fish4 dogs with their treats but we are not giving anything to Hendrix yet. He is having his nylabone as a treat and that does him. I feel awful but its for his own good.
      How long has Tilly been on her food now? x
    16. springerpete
      Hi Elaine.
      I'm so pleased to hear that she's doing well, I'm sure she'll continue to do so. Pete
    17. Charlottex
      He hasn't been back to the vets though *touches wood* lol.
      ish 4 dogs looks a good food too. Have you bought any yet?
    18. Charlottex
      Hi Elaine,
      Sorry I haven't been on here for a while. Hendrix has had a relapse on the wafcol so wracking my brain again. I bought him some prokolin and waiting for that to take effect. I feed Hendrix 300gm a day and he has that split over 3 meals at the moment because we are wondering if it easier for him to digest. I think I may need to put him over on Royal Canin Sensitivity and see how that goes. It really is a pain because we feel like we are taking one step forward and 10 back. He hasnt had an episode though, no being poorly just being a bit loose! We are weighing up options.. We still have quite a bit of food left, I bought a 15 kg bag. I may also try adding a bit of Nature Diet. I bought one packet as a back up plan.
      Sorry to hear Tilly has been poorly. Hendrix has some steroids here just in case we see him gettting a bit poorly. He was like it the other morning, which is why they think it could be irritable bowel.
    19. springerpete
      Hi, Tilly looks to be coming on well, it's amazing how quick they grow in the first few months, looking good though, keep up the good work. Cheers.
    20. Boudicca1959
      Boudicca had nine,6 boys 3 girls,the boys were bigger as they took after their dad bradwell billy,so we kept cuthbert so he could hold his own ,boudicca is a bit on the fiesty side ,coming from essex..
      he was bit of a loner ,he would take himself off to his own corner ,we felt a bit sorry for him, he is a very sensitive chap,very loyal and a sweetie ,
      he still has his bits and we cannot decide if to put him out to stud ,,he would have some lovely pups springers rule!!
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