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Jan 17, 2011
Sep 2, 2009
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Jan 17, 2011
    1. Helbo
      Just want to say, Maisy is absolutely gorgeous!
    2. theevos5
      Hi Just wanted to ask how Maisy is?Is she any better with your guests?
      We are having problems with Alfies recall at the mo,he can be great in house,brill on a long line and then when you let him off and something distracts him, he is off,youngest son had to climb under a barbwire fence yesterday to go get him as he wandered into a horses field and was play barking and running around their legs!It is so frustrating as we had just had an hour and a half gundog training lesson retreiving dummies and he had been a star pupil and then goes and does that!Somedays it 1 step forward and 2 back.Hope you are ok
    3. theevos5
      Hi,Alfie loves jumper sleeves,when he was tiny,you had to roll up before stroking or you got snagged on his little teeth!We have been out 3 times today,twice to school and bac and then this afternoon to the beach for a massive wild runaround,hoping to burn off abit of energy!I must admit I am absolutely shattered,since we have got Alfie!Pyjamas and a cup of hot chocolate or the beach with the wind and snow blowing in your face with a hyper puppy!No choice really is there??Have a gd day tomorrow
    4. theevos5
      He is 4 months old yesterday,we love him to bits,but gosh,such hard work!!as u can see we had a couple of problems with him when we swapped his food but since he has gone back to the old stuff,he has become our dream dog again!Thanks for getting in touch,I am just about to have a look at Maisys photos and will be back in touch laterxx Jacqui
    5. sarybeagle
      Aww beautiful Beagle puppy :D xxx
    6. Jules11
      Wilson is 11 weeks, ive never had a puppy before so i dont know whats usual...just know that im worn out lol All worth it though, especially when he is having his mad half hour running about in the evening 'phsyco pup' is his name during that time...it's so funny to watch lol
    7. Jules11
      Heyyyy, thanks for the add.
      Maisy looks so sweeeeeeet bless, wish id taken more pics of Wilson when he was tiny...problem is that he never keeps till long enough lol
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    Retail Manager
    Im 22 living with my gorgeous boyfriend. We are just embarking on our new journey of having a puppy and cannot wait!
    Have wanted a beagle for as long as I can remember!


    My puppy is my life :) [​IMG]
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