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Jun 20, 2010
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    1. Zonnks
      Your post regarding my Husky/collie mix Kishka was very helpful, is there any way you can give me a direct link to the pages you said would be beneficial? I know she is a working dog in nature so needs alot of attention, and we are investing in a trainer for her :D
      Shes a great natured dog and is fantastic with other dogs and people, do you think maybe taking her to a dog meet and greet class would be helpful? where she can socialise more with other dogs and maybe burn out a bit of her energy?
      You seem like a very wise person and appear to know a great ordeal about dogs and whats important
      Thank you for your time :)
    2. leashedForLife
      Gaaaaahhhhh!.... i found that @#$%&*! book,
      it was a real struggle - PF-uk Admin/mods pulled the original thread.
      it was from mid-June & i had to go hunting on a Yahoo-group - & their search function
      is just as cantankerous & difficult as PF-uk's. :lol: I tore some hair out... :D

      see the thread "Book: 'K9 BEHAVIOR BASICS'"
    3. newfiesmum
      Thanks for your condolences. I have had so many lovely messages from members on here and it is lovely to know that you all know how it feels. I have a couple of friends who understand, and my brother. But to most he was just a dog. Now I have a grieving Ferdinand on my hands and not sure what to do for the best.
    4. Cleo38
      Thanks so much for all your posts on my thread regarding Roxy. I was so worried that things were going to revert back to unprovoked attacks again but it seems to have stopped again. I think we still have a lot more work to do with Roxy (it seems never ending!) but am just glad things haven't really regressed & that I can get such fantastic advice from here. Thanks so much. We are seeing the behaviourist on Saturday as well so will have a chat with her also.
    5. dimah
      Hi! Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your helpful advice! Appreciate it soooo much!!! :D
    6. leashedForLife
      the OP was 2008 -
      the most-recent query was this AM, piggybacking on the OP's thread.
    7. leashedForLife
      Pet Forums Community - View Single Post - HELP! fighting dogs
      EXCELLENT post! :thumbup: i owe ya rep, but the software won't let me.
      catch U later,
      - t
    8. leashedForLife
      U have a typo, i think -
      QUOTE on the 1,001 behavior-problems thread -
      "we are now more nonthewiser..."
      i think U meant we are now wiser, maybe?...
    9. tripod
      Thanks for the rep :-)
    10. RobD-BCactive
      All speculation of course, but that's what I think is behind the rogues gallery actions.
    11. RobD-BCactive
      Motivations? Making a fuss, and taking on a forum, makes them feel important.
      At end of day, I really didn't have time to wade through all the stuff in the "aversives - stress up" thread.
      LuvMyDogs, probably got sucked in by having his product linked to and was upset, feeling aggrieved. I seemed to get under his skin a fair bit :) I think he was blowing off steam, and venting. AP, Grandad, LMD & LC all seem to have very controlling personalities.
      When LC claims the opposite to what I see in daily life, ie reward trained dogs are less calm and well behaved on leash, than those subjected to checks by general public, I rather wonder if rational debate is possible. I never saw if he criticised any of AP's previous contributions, or acted like a "party" and star team member.
      If I were LC I'd be dismally disappointed by my accomplices, own goals galore.
    12. RobD-BCactive
      Lou, was the most effective and dangerous opponent. But, he did not come to talk about examples where non-aversive methods had failed him it seemed, but a counter-attack after Adam's rather inept show. Sleepybones just seems bizarre and incoherent conspiracy theorist.
      I suspect Lou, is simply too old and set in his ways, so he "knows" how Police Service training is done, and regards it as political; bit like Nigel Lawson's involvement in climate change denial. NL just seems unable to understand that scientists are not operating in a political way, and seeks to avoid (possibly) uncessary change, rather than doing proper cost/benefit versus risk analysis. He seemed a disciplined and controlled mind, I guess he feels let down by incidents like Exeter police and frustrated by annoying quiche eating pinko charities imposing "ridiculous" conditions to appease donors and general public.
    13. RobD-BCactive
      I'd rather have the old "Remote Collar" thread accessible but locked, as Adam P had been dismantled, then he got his big bro LC in to help him out it seems. You and others did useful work on that, and found good info I'd like to refer to in future.
      Same on other threads, by letting them continue repetitively and abusive, they'd get someone to react and successfully muddy the waters, or get an embaressing thread removed. Then they can claim censorship and bullying.
    14. RobD-BCactive
      Eerily quiet today! Seems like the old forum :)
    15. hawksport
      Its getting to be a bit of a pain.
    16. noushka05
      lol and i never thought you were anyway:D
    17. noushka05
      thank you for the friends request:) x
    18. leashedForLife
      i owe ya some rep! but PF-uk won't let me. :( i'll have to get back to ya, later.
    19. RobD-BCactive
      OK, so I am "bumping" other threads from now on, in response to trollish posts from Adam P/grandad
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