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Sep 13, 2011
Oct 2, 2009
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Sep 13, 2011
    1. MoHayes
      yea they grow up so quick. My 2 females have just started calling and its so cute but they are both so small at the moment that it seems strange x
    2. MoHayes
      There up need to get some more of them really like recent ones but they dont exactly stay Still enough for it, lol xx
    3. MoHayes
      Aww They are so cute your Seal tabby point looks like my female Seal Tabby, ill have to upload some pictures of them to show you, and you have the same nickname as we have for our Female Blue Point Cat x
    4. Shelley Cat Lover
      Shelley Cat Lover
      Aw, your kittens look sweet! Bentley looks like that sometimes when he isn't rifling through my handbag trying to steal receipts :)
    5. Cat_Crazy
      Glad you had fun at the show!

      Rocky's front mitts certainly look very good from the pictures you have but it is quite hard to tell.

      In tabbies the things you are looking for are clear strip markings on all the points, face, legs and tail BUT NOT ears. The ears should be solid, also the tip of the tail is allowed to be solid.

      They should also have white spectacle markings around the eyes and buttufly markings either side just below the nose, all of which he appears to have from the photo's.

      You can read more on the standards of points here:
      The Governing Counsel of the Cat Fancy - Birman Standard

      Getting someone to asses him is a great idea as it will give you a better idea, you have to remember that kittens will take a while to develop all amrkings also.

      My chocolate tabby Mia is looking very good for show at the moment except the colour on her legs is not yet dark enough but she is only 8 months old so it will continue to darken yet.

      Let me know how he gets on with being assessed!
    6. Cat_Crazy
      I will do!

      The biggest thing with Birman's is the mitts they get a lot of points from that so need to be perfect!

      Which one is Rocky, the tabby??
    7. Mickey the lurcher lover
      Mickey the lurcher lover
      Hello. I have finally named my little birman kitten jacob. He turned 5 months old this week and I have had him for just over a month. I have put a recent picture on my profile page if you want to have a look.
    8. Cat_Crazy
      Not a problem.

      I won't be going to that show sadly it's too far away from me :(

      I am taking Mia to the Cheshire Cat Club show however so keep your fingers crossed for her!

      Are you thinking about getting into showing or just want to have a bit of a nosy?
    9. DKDREAM
      I had a very special bond with my Dream he was so lovley, we lost him this argust, aged just 2 and a half, he had cancer. I love all the others but he was just my baby.

      Aww thankd about Pip and Ziggy they are great with the cats. the cats are bigger then they are lol. So the cats are the boss. Ziggy is fully grown now.
    10. DKDREAM
      no worries such a great pic to tresue, it shows you have really bonded.
    11. kelseye
      thank you :)
    12. Mickey the lurcher lover
      Mickey the lurcher lover
      Hello. I haven't named that poor neglected kitty of mine yet. I collected some really good names in the end and either none of them seemed to suit him or they were too hard to call when I practised using them. Thank fully I haven't needed to call him yet as he is always under my feet. I microchipped him a couple of days ago and I had to put a name on his card for legal purposes so I used the breeders name for him. I will change it back when I finally decide on a name. Maybe he will never get named! Ahhhhh!
    13. BALOO J.
      BALOO J.
      Hi lovely thought long & hard about things, requested my account to be closed, good luck in all you do, hug's to your beauties x Julie & Baloo
    14. ShannonLouise.
      Hey, no problem, and thanks.
      Molly, i know it was horrible :( happend so soon at such an early age.
      £156?! wow. We are looking on Ebay for a big one like yours :)
    15. BALOO J.
      BALOO J.
      ;)Hi sweetie, just popped in to say how are you doing( keeping out of trouble) I hope? as if tee hee.
    16. Angelic1
      Thanks....I'll take a look. I have two already but want to give one of them to my daughter who has just got a kitten...any excuse for a new one! ;) :)
    17. hayleyb
      strange i had a feelin you were gonna say that ha ha. i no the feelin i may aswell have a tape playin i repeat myself soo many times with my 2 lol
    18. Angelic1
      Hi, Thanks for your lovely comments...love the pics in your album..they are so cute! Nice cat tree too! lol (sorry bit random but I'm on the look out for a new one) :-)
    19. hayleyb
      thankyou very much, my heart has jst melted lookin at your profile pic. they look sooo angelic :)
    20. Effie's Mummy
      Effie's Mummy
      Hi, thanks for your comment about Effie! Your two are lovely too. xoxo
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    Hi I'm Rowena and I'm 29 years old

    My boyfriend and I have been together for about 9 years. We are First time cat owners and enjoying the experience so far.

    We are the proud parents of 2 gorgeous Birman Kittens

    Rocky a seal tabby Birman
    Sapphire a lilac point Birman

    Our new kittens!!





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