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May 20, 2012
Jan 26, 2011
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PetForums Junior, from Oregon

Rocky_Mayhem's_Mom was last seen:
May 20, 2012
    1. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thank you for the rep.
    2. cheekyscrip
      thanks for the rep..loved your pet album..
    3. hawksport
      When I fetch my new falcon later in the year if anyone is interested I am going to post a day by day diary with pics and video of the training from collection to ready to hunt. I have one of these in the first pic ordered
      Raptor Propagation Farm - Breeding falcons
      Next year it should moult out into this
    4. hawksport
      the one in my sig or the one of mine?
    5. hawksport
      which video is that dogs or hawks?
    6. momentofmadness
      LOL I think bed is the answer so that is where I am off.. :) nanite.. been in it once but was disturbed.. :(
    7. Rocky_Mayhem's_Mom
      Its alright had a long day, a8n djjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjxd, and my cat wont get off my lap top. lol i hope your day goes better, EAT CHEESE CAKE! that always makes my day got so much better. till its gone.....i want cheese cake
    8. momentofmadness
    9. momentofmadness
      LOL Pretty poo.. but irl get over it.. :lol: its a new day tomorrow.. :)
    10. momentofmadness
      Hey cheers.. :)
    11. Ditsy42
      Lol, hope ihave time 2 document everything, getting excited though :)
    12. Ditsy42
      oh he's doing really well, little smasher :)
      Cara is now 6 weeks into her pregnancy and blooming nicely lol, got pup pen up so everything ready, just got to wait now lol !
    13. Rocky_Mayhem's_Mom
    14. katie200
      awwww sweet pets
    15. Ditsy42
      For valuable high reward treats I used very small lumps of cheese or cooked chkn or pieces of hot dog, some use kibble if this is what they feed their pups, but 2 me it's not a high enough value maybe 4 them 2 work for if that makes sense, small pieces whilst he's still young, once he gets the commands u can ease off the treats and just give them every other time u give a command and he gets it right, that way he doesn't associate the command 2 the treat, luckily Rotts r gutz buckets so they will willingly work 4 treats :)
    16. Ditsy42
      he intimidates the dog through fear, they submit through fear, doesn't really solve the problem, most of the time the problem stems from the owners, which is what traniing gives u, the means 2 go and train your dog in a kind reward based method b4 unwanted behaviors occur, u have a blank canvas 2 a degree with a pup so starting early will hopefully prevent any real issues, understanidng your chosen breed also helps as they do have traits 2 bear in mind, I luv training and obedience with Rotts.

      Bailey was a rescue and I took him on at 8 months, he was hugs and troublesome, he had some real behavior problems and took me over a year of constant training 2 get him anywhere near the dog I wanted, u get out what u put in is a very true saying :)
    17. Ditsy42
      Mmm, not great tbh, some of his methods r harsh, understand he tends 2 deal with dogs way past the trainable stage with huge problems, but I personaly wouldn't use his methods on a Rott for example, all 2 easy 2 get it wrong and make matters even worse if that makes sense :) gawd don't metion his name on here, most hate him lol :)
    18. Ditsy42
      I luv Ian Dunbar's training methods, the guy rocks :)
    19. Ditsy42
      Caras litter is due around 22nd Feb, I own my girlie in partnership with my breeder, she is a show girlie lol, the litter isd my breeders and i get pick of litter as part of our agreement, she is haivng the litter here as opposed 2 my breeders place, so lots of work for me n OH :)
    20. Ditsy42
      ah bless him, my girlie is in whelp and 5 weeks on this week, keeping a bitch from the litter so i'll b going through the pup stage again myself soon :)
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    I am an absolute animal lover of all kinds. Nothing makes me happier in life or more grounded. my future Husband is learning to accept my animal madness and i love him for it. I have a wonderful nine year old golden retriever who is the most well mannered dog you will ever meet.

    Then just a week ago we were given a little 8 week old rottie we have dubbed Rocky. Or Rocky Mayhem in full. : ) He is a handful but very worth it. I am looking forward to raising him very much and i would love all the advice i can get.

    Reading and spending time with my boyfriend and our zoo


    Sincerely Sarah
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