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Mar 5, 2019
Dec 27, 2009
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Mar 5, 2019
    1. SLB
      Sadly I thought so but it's not school holidays.. I have a bad feeling it's actually real :(
    2. sarahjohnson
      No this was not an accidental mating this time. I have homes already lined up for puppies and have been round and checked homes like i was advised to do. This is her first litter so just wanted a little help.
    3. QueenMoo
      Just seen your thank you - No problem :) x
    4. CheekC
      I have, yes. But am yet to recveive a reply. Since the stud owner tried to keep the fact my pup had died a secret on facebook, both she and the owner of the dam have gone quiet on me as she's realised I'm capable of taking screen shots. I have done this to prove that she and a close friend were accusing me of lying about Darcie's illness, yet they are all refusing to look over medical history I went to the trouble of obtaining on the breeders request, OR speak to my vet directly which I gave my consent for. They've been, not just business like over this whole incident, but unimaginably cruel.
    5. rocco33
      LOL can't delete
    6. leashedForLife
      Yes, i don't get it. either.
      Dogs focused on hunting aren't fascinated by cattle or sheep -
      it makes no sense. He said that some animals are worth
      "thousands of pounds" - so? The dog doesn't know that, or care.
      Why would a Lab or Springer, etc, harass a cow, hog, or horse?
    7. leashedForLife
      thanks- that was my impression,
      altho he claims to train GPS falconry with hawks & dogs.
      Can't fathom why 'static' is needed for hunt training - especially
      as his big concern was dogs working out of sight, around livestock.
      If U can't see the dog, U can't 'stim' the dog - as U don't know what
      the dog's doing.
    8. leashedForLife
      He says that 'powered' collars are needed as training aids,
      that they test them on their own arms before they put them on the dogs...
      The usual drivel. :rolleyes:
    9. leashedForLife
      BTW this is what comes up when i Google CC - the UK-fella who's
      championing those 'charged' collars on Linked-IN -
      Crystal Palace dog walking & pet sitting

      Apparently, that was his 1st Springer?... & that was 2011.
      he's on Animal Behavior Professionals on L-I.
    10. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      I didn't even realise that's how it worked..derr! Well thanx for bringing that to my attention,i guess no one ever received my replys..oh dear lol.xx
    11. rocco33
      You replied on your own wall - I've done that some many time LOL - gone to reply to someone and it's ended up on my wall not theirs so I give up now.
    12. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      lol rocco you nosy bugger lol don't they get the message if I reply that way?
    13. Jazzy
      Me too :-(
    14. Spellweaver
      Just catching up - thank you for the rep :)
    15. lisa14061975
      Hi rocco33 , thanks for your post on forum sorry it not been quick reply but our puppy floyd has been poorly with colitis but he on antibiotics now so making a recovery , not sure how much info you need but our puppys dad was born 8 december 2006 and his mum and dad are called airmyn dream and gillacre austin , the mother to our pup is called Kenocto so tempting her parents are called brenigmoor flash and lady mafanwy the breeder of the dad off our pup is mr h j w timm court house farm rawcliffe road airmyn goole north humberside , have tried to find contact number for him but havent managed to , any help you can give greatly appreciated
    16. SixStar
      Thank you for the rep. I fear the same too though :(
    17. toffee44
      I think wolf tucker are expensive but for me its easy as its down the road so literally go and get what I need when I want it (only feed mince for convenience) plus they are really helpful.
    18. emmaviolet
      thats ok, i dont get it either. after what it has done to that boy, its really sick.
    19. chianya
      hi you on line
    20. PennyGC
      good! he's posted on champdogs too and will get torn to shreds... I've restated my post from here and someone else has already said 'don't' - I hope he will come back, but honestly showing huge amount of ignorance and hoping we'll all go what a fantastic contribution his huge pet will make :-(
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